Old School vs Nuevo Speed – TT Corvette and TT LS Rail Job

Two cars could not be more different. The Corvette Z06 is spit and polish modern with leather interior, shiny paint and climate control. On the other hand – the rail job is a 1927 Dodge Split-Window Coupe with a bare-bones cockpit, a bit of patina on the exterior – and tons of attitude. Similarities include LS engines and twin turbochargers. Let’s see what happens when the rubber meets the road. The 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is capable of making 1,500hp. Today, it is detuned to 1200hp. The transmission is a 2-speed RPM Powerglide and the car tips the scale at Read More

8-Second Audi RS3 – GT-R World Cup

Imagine that you are Rada Race Lab out of Chicago and you’ve just finished up a lengthy Audi RS3 build. You leave the snow and freezing temps and drive all the long way to sunny Florida for the GT-R World Cup. Once you arrive, you post a 9-second pass on your maiden voyage. That’s right – a 9-second quarter-mile on the car’s first full pass. Extraordinary. Under the hood is a stock (inline 5-cylinder) engine that has been fortified with sleeved cylinders, billet main bearing caps and oversize cylinder head studs. Raising all the ruckus is a Garrett G42-1450 turbocharger Read More

West Texas Street Hits – Turbo LS Mustang vs Nitrous Chevy Bel Air

When it rains – it pours, and it is flooding hardcore street cars down in West Texas. This video covers a night when top-tier street machines took over the interstate (closed course in Mexico). Nitrous, turbo, and supercharged competitors were all represented as these awesome machines took to the street. Let’s catch up. Fresh out of the gate, we have a turbocharged Pontiac Trans Am WS6 rolling on a 900HP C6 Corvette ZR1 with a Kong Ported (2650) blower. Both these cars look like they mean business. The Poncho gets the early jump before the Vette catches up and takes Read More

Twenty Car Street Digs – Houston Cash Days

You know the rules. It’s single elimination – if you lose, get back on the trailer. Don’t jump the light early and don’t cross the center line. If you make it to the finish line quicker than the guy (or girl) in the other lane, you move on to the next round. Whoever wins the most rounds gets the money. That’s $250 times twenty cars ($5,000). While this is technically taking place on a closed course, with safety personnel standing by, the racing conditions are as close to “street” as possible. The track is not prepped and the course is Read More

McLaren 765LT takes on 1,250HP Shelby GT500

We race a stock McLaren 765LT and tuned one vs Ken’s CX1100 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. If you’re looking for a 765LT head over to DuPont Registry!  

Turbo Chevy Silverado vs. Modified Dodge Viper – Street Hits

This video has it all – fast cars and a fast pickup truck. Featured in this short clip is a contest (roll race) between a Chevrolet Silverado pickup and a 2013 Dodge Viper GTX. Sure, in stock trim the Viper would handily annihilate the Silverado (and any other pickup) but neither of these chariots remain in factory condition. Have a closer look. Obviously, this Chevrolet Silverado has been radically modified for the purpose of competitive driving. It more closely resembles a NASCAR Truck Series entry than a work truck. Low and stealthy, this truck looks menacing in basic black. The Read More

Crazy Fast Mercedes Street Sleeper – 900HP E63 AMG

This ain’t your average grocery-getter. While you may catch the Alpha 9 Mercedes E63 AMG wagon dropping the kids off at soccer or waiting in car-pool line at the local elementary school, make no mistake – she is a very bad girl. She looks stock but your ears will detect a different note. There’s a beast dwelling under the hood of this magnificent German driving machine. Prepared by Eurofed in Atlanta, Georgia, the Alpha 9 is the perfect family car. The interior is stylish and comfortable. The paint is flawless, and the wheels certainly add to the overall aesthetic appeal. Read More

Bandit Trans Am Turned Big Tire Dragster – Review and Street Pulls

Featured in this video is a modified 1977 Pontiac Trans Am. This model was made famous in the film “Smokey and the Bandit”. Superstar actor Burt Reynolds (The Bandit) brought the Trans Am Blackbird to national recognition as the blocker car for his adventurous schemes. The version of the Bandit in this video would surely put that signature smile on the face of Burt (may he rest in peace). Enjoy this ridiculously clean dragster variation to one of Hollywood’s most famous movie cars. The first thing that grabs your attention are the handmade front splitter and rear spoiler. Car owner Read More