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2008 Audi RS-4 1/4 mile Drag Racing timeslip specs 0-60

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1/4 Mile ET: 12.248
1/4 Mile MPH: 111.730
1/8 Mile ET: 8.018
1/8 Mile MPH: 89.780
0-60 Foot ET: 1.802
VBOX 60-130 MPH: 0.000
Standing 1 Mile MPH: 0.000
Temperature F: 51.0
Density Altitude (DA): -505 feet
Timeslip Scan:
VBOX Graph:
VBOX 60-130 MPH: 0.000
VBOX Graph:
Car Make: Audi
Car Model: RS-4
Car Type:
Car Year: 2008
Driver: Mick Flanigan
E-Mail: Private
Videos: RS-4 Videos
Web Site:

Horsepower @ wheels:

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Torque @ wheels: 0.00
Dyno Type:
Dyno Graph:
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Sprint Blue 2008 Audi RS-4


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More Comments:

This time is fake. Poster has a history of lying. I administer the largest audi specific dragstrip database in the world (audirevolution.net/quartermile) and here is the information I have on this time that makes me believe it is not genuine.* 1. The poster has posted on various audi forums that he only posted the time to get a rise/annoy people he was in disagreement with. ** 2. The poster has been to the dragstrip about half a dozen times, *and every time started a thread the same or next day and posted all data to discuss his times on quattroworld.com. * There has never ever been any mention of this 12.24 time. * This time would have been an all motor audi rs4 record... So it is staggering to think he just forgot to mention it. * He has repeatedly mentioned that his personal best was 12.40 3. *The poster, *when asked for a timeslip to prove his record run, *claims to have lost the slip. * Never a reliable sign lol.* 4. The 1/4 mph and the 1/8 et and mph are identical to a previous time of 12.40 that he posted about last year on quattroworld.com. * *This is entirely too coincidental. ** 5. His split times don't add upUsing the 1.55 * 1/8 et rule to estimate 1/4 et, *we see he is actually at 12.4 (which lines up with point 4 above 6. *When asked for his timeslip or why he never posted it in the past, *he said he didn't post the slip, *but had discussed the time in the past on quattroworld.com. * A quick search of his post history and the 12.24 reveals that he made mention of 12.24 as a time he thought someone else had run [url]http://forums.quattroworld.com/rs4b7/msgs/82662.phtml[/url] *No mention of his own time. * It should be noted that he is BY FAR the most frequent poster on the b7 rs4 subforum on quattroworld.com. * This omission would be impossible.* 7. THE CLINCHER! * He claims he ran this time on Oct 7, 2012...however that same night he posted on quattroworld.com that his best of the night was 12.40 [url]http://forums.quattroworld.com/rs4b7/msgs/89617.phtml[/url] Quoting him: \

I could have sakimanos comment removed, but i love that almost a year later this is still under his skin. Talk about an insecure bitch. He is still whining over .16 seconds that he knows full well happened. Saki the forum lawyer whose MO is to take 3 unrealted forum posts, string them together on the merits of using the same pronoun and declaring the resulting sentence as fact. Your days of whining about everything, skewing the truth to fit your version of life have been found out and this is why you not only have been banned from almost every forum in the Audi family, but almost everyone universally laughs at you now. I just can't believe almost a year later you still are being haunted by .16 seconds. What a douche.

Saki can't read a clock. I posed my times on his links above, the first post was 3am Oct 7th. I ran those times posted Oct 6th. After that went back out the next night. BTW I have alot more than half a dozen runs on the track. What amazes me is you are perfectly ok with a 12.404 because it doesn;t dethrone your buddies, whose crs are hundreds of pounds heavier and have far less done to them. Yet DA changes for the better by 500 feet and you can't fathom a time.16 seconds faster because of that and more practice? You are truly a retard. I seriously think you have a learning disability. Even more pathetic is how you stalk me here, post pics of me on on public forums and get banned, from it, get banned from every forum for being an absolute douche. Really you are the Toronto mayors doppelgänger or something, Rotten to the core. Let it go. You are douche, just own it and move on.

(Richard Jeans)
I used to hold the world record for stock at 12.88. Here in Oz. ahh the good all days. Loved that car

Boost Control:
Boost Pressure (psi):
Nitrous Kit/System:
Nitrous Shot:
Pistons (rotors):
Rings (seals):
Connecting Rods:
Throttle Body:
Intake & Air Filter: Port and Polish IM
Headers / Downpipe: EBWerks 2.75 catless


Exhaust: EBWerks 2.75

Computer ECU Chip Upgrade:
Battery: LW Odyssey 925T
Spark Plugs: NGK Platinum
Fuel Injectors:
Fuel Pump:
Gas: Shell V Power 92
Pulley: JHM Crank Pulley
Clutch/Torq Conv:
Flywheel: Clutchmaster LW
Shifter: JHM
Suspension: Stasis MS
Wheels: TDR Pro Race 1.2 18x9
Brake Rotors/Pads: Alcon Mono6
Tires: NT01 275/35/18
Weight with driver (lbs): 0
Track: Portland International Raceway, OR, USA
 Record Modified: July 27th, 2013

Additional parts, modifications, upgrades & information:
(0-60, weight, upgrades parts, etc...)
October 7th 2012 ~7pm Full lightweight mode. Best run of night, best run ever on car.

Ran 12.40 the night prior, next night was much better DA and slightly less fuel.

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