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set of 4 Saab 99 900 Turbo alloy INCA wheels 15x5.5 w/ Center Caps & lug nuts for Sale

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set of 4 Saab 99 900 Turbo alloy INCA wheels 15x5.5 w/ Center Caps & lug nuts

Price: $200

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Boy, do I hate trying to figure out the true condition of something from one tiny picture made by candle light from across the room! So, I try not to do that to others. As you can see, I make LOTS of close up pictures of any item I'm selling to show as many views as possible No guessing what it really looks like and no surprises when it arrives on your door step!

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Here are FOUR used OEM Saab 99 & 900 Turbo alloy wheels known as INCA .

These wheels were a junkyard find almost 10 yrs ago. I cleaned, sanded, painted and clear coated them, but never installed them. They have been in my basement ever since. Time for me to quit tripping over them and for them find a new home where they will get some use.

The wheels look pretty nice, but they are not perfect as I am NOT a professional wheel refinsher or paint & body guy. I used Duplicolor rattle can spray paint and Wheel Clear. Just from sititng around for years, you will probably find a nick or two if you look them over closely and some very minor curb rash here and there that I did clean up some with sandpaper before painting.

If you are looking at these INCA wheels, you probably already know that these are some of the lightest and softest wheels ever offered on a Saab. These are used wheels that I have not personally run on a car. I cannot promise that they are perfectly straight and true. I have looked the wheels over closely and rolled them across the garage floor closely watching for bumps and wobble. I found 1 minor pot hole ding to the lip of one of the wheels. The bead area is not deformed at all, so it should not affect tire mounting.

I am including the center caps (they could use new center emblems), which are getting very hard to find, and lug nuts, as shown in the pictures.

Wheel P/N 89 396 62 / 8939662

Factory Installed On:

  • 1978> 99 Turbo
  • 1979-1980 900 Turbo

    I found a post on mgexp.com that says these wheels will also fit the MG MGA & MGB but I have no personal knowledge or experience with this.

    If there are any questions Please ask don't hesitate to ask.
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