MGA MG A wood seat base PAIR New, Roadster or Coupe for Sale

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This sale is for a new and completeRight Hand (passenger) and Left hand (driver) seat base PAIR which will fit 1956 to 1962 MGA roadsters or coupes.

These seat bases are constructed usingoriginal factory seat bases for patterns. It is aquality product using AC exterior 1/2" plywood for the base, complete with hardwood riser supports and stop (Locator)blocks. The basket or "screen" is formed using a mechanical "brake" to produce consistent dimensionsand accurate bendsto the same dimensions as the original and is made from new 20 gage (one gage size heavier than the original steel) perforated 3003 aluminum with 1/8" staggered holes on 1/8" centers as the original steel but which will not rust or corrode. The basket is fastened to thebase using plated screws. Three hardwoodlocator blocks are secured to the base with 1/4" "tee" nuts and plated machine screws as original. These blocks are critical because they are all that hold the seat base into the frames. All forces from cornering andbraking are taken by these blocks, so they cannot be attached with wood screws or deck screws. No nails or staples are used in the construction.

Thehardwood risersupportsare secured to the base withplated wood screws as is the riser board. which has three 1-1/2" diameter holes spaced as original to match the opening in the base. The proper openings in the base and riser board are necessary to allow air to escape from the cushions when they are depressed.Also included is a set of plywood tacking strips for the bottom rear of the seat back.

Don't confuse these bases with lower quality reproductions using non-original expanded metal baskets or no baskets at all, and pine risers and locatorblocks. These seat bases were designed and built for use on the high quality restorations of Shamrock Motorsports and Restorations. They will maintainoriginality while standing the test of time.

Moss Motors lists their bases at $154.95 each ($309.90 per pair)and aluminum baskets are not offered.

The sale has a very lowopening offer (less than 1/3 of Moss' price)and offer.Individual driver's or passenger's seat bases are available as well please inquire. I can list them separately with a "buy-it-now if you wish.Check my responses on these.

Paypal is the preferred method of payment. Good luck and happy offerding. Please email if you have any questions.

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