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FORD 351C/351M/400 TIMING GEAR DRIVE ~~ NOISY ~~ for Sale

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Crankshaft Depot --- Go Racing, Pay less

8620 Steel Dual Idle Gear Timing Gear Set

Ford 351C /351M 1970-1982

Noisy Version

Crankshaft Depot single and dual idle gear drive timing sets are manufactured from 8620 low carbon nickel-chromium-molybdenum billet steel. All gears are crown shaved and deep carbonizing to HRC60 for the best wear resistance and operation.This high performance timing gear drive set fits for Ford 351C 351M 400MEasy to install and fits under stock timing covers.


You will get exactly as picture

Gear Type: Noisy Version

Application Year: '70-82


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1. Any defectiveitems please notify us for exchange or issue full refund within 30 days from the date of receipt.

2. All items are returnable within 14 days from the date of receipt. There will be a 15% restocking fee applied. Shipping and handlingis not refundable.Returnitems must be in new condition, uninstalled and in original package.

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Clean and remove app preserve. Apply grease on bronze ring and stick it on the back of cam gear.

Turn NO.1 piston to TDC position. Install crank and cam gear and line up timing mark face to each other. FORD engines are available to advance or retard cam timing 4.5 degrees each way. Line up cam gear "A" mark with crank timing mark is for advance. "R" mark is for retard.

FORD460 is available to advance +4 and +8 degrees. Select desired degree to follow same procedure as above.

Slide idle gear half way in between both gears with larger gear on the passenger side and the longer axle toward to engine block.

Put timing cover and gasket in place. Make sure the idle gear is all the way in with timing cover. Remove cover and make sure to have a 0.015-0.060" clearance between axle and engine block. The idle gear is riding on the timing cover in normal operation. Grind off end of axle to increase clearance or tap and install a bolt on cover against axle for reducing clearance.

Install cam gear bolts with proper torque. Make sure locking plate is installed..Hand cranks the engine to ensure the gear set is running smooth. When the larger idle gear is in hard mesh, the small idle gear must has 0.005-0.070" clearance for freely up down movement.

Run engine at slow speed to ensure no abnormal sound from timing set.


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