4) Polaris RZR 900 1000 Wheel Spacers 2" 4X156 12MM Stud for Sale

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This Listing has one set of 4 ATV wheel spacers, enough to widen four wheels or two axle. These 4.0" ATV wheel spacers (2.00" per side) will fit any ATV with a 4x156 wheel stud pattern with M12x1.5 studs. Please see fitment chart below. A wider wheelbase on your bike will offer more stability for jumping and cornering, and also allow you to add larger wheels without lifting your bike. Below are the Polaris models these will fit specifically:

Fits the following Polaris models:

RZR XP 1000 (2014 - up)

RZR Trail 900 (2015 - up)

RZR High Performance S 900 (2015 - up)

RZR Trail 900 XC (2015 - up)

Ranger (2013- Up)

Our wheel spacers are CNC machined to exact specification from the best quality aerospace aluminum available. Each set is hand tested and commercially packed.


This set of spacers will fit most any ATV with 4x156 bolt spacing.. Simply remove your wheels, bolt the spacers onto the wheel studs with your existing lugs, and use the new studs and lugs to put the wheels back on! It is that simple.


We offer a lifetime warranty on all our products.

Bar none, we are the number one seller of ATV wheel spacers on . Simply check our response and sales history, and you will see that the results clearly speak for themselves.

We use high-tensile steel and the highest quality aluminum.

We have optimized a design to withstand more weight, torque and force, and we require material certifications from our suppliers

We provide a lifetime warranty

We guarantee YOUR satisfaction!

Thousands of clients are currently enjoying these spacers, and they are riding with confidence! Do not let other sellers confuse you with their listings, because they cannot compete with our price points. We manufacture thousands of sets of all types of spacers at a time with a proven design, which results in a great deal for YOU!

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