16" Chevrolet Lumina Monte Carlo 95 96 97 98 99 00 Factory OEM Rim Wheel 5046 for Sale

Price: $155.0

Perfection Wheel, LLCHuntington, IndianaFamily Owned & Operated Over 30 years experience in the refinishing industryGenuine Factory OEM Aluminum Alloy Wheel(s)Limited Lifetime WarrantyMulti-Point Inspection Process30 Day Returns: NO RESTOCKING FEEListings DO NOT include center caps, lug nuts, valve stems, TPMS, plastic inserts and/or resonator bands unless otherwise specified for a particular wheel listing.Have Questions? Please feel free to contact us!We at Perfection Wheel, LLC pride ourselves on providing high quality refurbished aluminum alloy wheels at an affordable cost. All of our refinishing/refurbishing is done in house at our facility located in Huntington, Indiana with exception of our PVD wheels. Our employees are the best in the business with years of experience giving us the cutting edge in the refinishing industry and giving you, the customer, peace of mind when buying from us. We are committed to providing excellent customer service, where we take each transaction seriously, working with you to deliver a top-notch product and positive experience each and every time. Our Refurbishing Process: Initial Inspection Any wheel having major structural defects, ie bent from center, cracked past safety bead, is scrapped out of process and replaced with another repairable core/unfinished wheel DO NOT repair any major structural issues to ensure the integrity of the original OEM wheel Stripped Wheel is stripped of original finish down to bare aluminum This is a crucial step in the process and needed to allow for proper adhesion and longevity of the finish "Dressing" + Run-out Compliance Cosmetic issues (dents/dings/scratches/scuffs) are fixed and repairedEach wheel is made sure to be within a certain run-out specification standard to ensure wheel can be properly balanced 'Finishing' Phase Wheels are refinished as closely as possible to match OE standardProduction focuses on the cosmetic (what is visible once mounted) areas of the wheel for refinishing. Back lip of the wheel or inner barrel, are not an areas of focus.Inner barrels are not intentionally painted unless it is deemed cosmetically necessary to match OE standardWe focus on the face to provide a more efficient, cost effective solution to what would be otherwise a more costly product. This is not to say we cannot paint the barrels, but it is more the request of the customer, at a minimal additional cost, and not a part of our regular refurbishing procedure and most other refurbishing facilities. Clear Coat is applied Final Spin Wheels are spun once again for spec compliance Final Quality Check '3-5 Point' Quality Inspection 3 to 5 separate but minor cosmetic 'imperfections' allowed to qualify as an industry standard GRADE A refurbished wheel. Issues due to original casting (corrosion/porosity etc.) are not included in this inspection processRecommended Maintenance + Cleaning:We simply recommend using soap, water and any sort of soft cloth for regular maintenance and cleaning. Steer clear of any harsh abrasives ie brushes/coarse sponges, petroleum/acidic/ammonia based cleaning products to clean/maintain your wheels. These items will, over time, damage/wear down the clear coat/ finish of your newly refurbished product.For more information on appropriate cleaning or any other inquiries, feel free to contact us!

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