Wheel Hub Centric Adapters Camaro Corvette Spacers 1" for Sale

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5on 4.75" to5 on 4.75"

  • brand new pair
  • 1" in thickness
  • hub centric
  • 6061 billet aluminum
  • CNC machined
  • premium quality
  • fit5 lug4 3/4" hub to5 lug4 3/4" wheel
  • lug nuts included

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Price: Suggested US Retail: $149 and plus (You may save a ton!) Two piece set.
EZ Accessory bypasses middlemen to offer the best prices on auto accessories directly from manufacturers. Description:

5 on 4 3/4 to 5 on 4 3/4 Hubcentric Billet Wheel Adapter
This set of brand new high quality hub centric wheel adapters include 2 pieces. High quality 6061 billet aluminum alloy and CNC machined. 1" thick. New 12mmx1.5 wheel studs and lug nuts are included. Fit 5 lug with 4 3/4" (120.7mm) bolt pattern car to 5 lug 4 3/4" (120.7mm) bolt pattern wheel, center bore is 70.3mm. Please check the backspacing of your wheel to make sure this adapter will fit. Our premium quality adapters ensure durability and strength.Email usfor any questions on fitment. 54755475703

Application: They fit the following models with factory hub height no more than 20mm (see the the way to measure in the diagram below).

    • Chevy: Corvette (90-96), Camaro (93-03)

    • Pontiac: Firebird (93-03)
  • If your hub studs' length are bigger than adapter thickness (especially for 1" thick adapters), you may need to cut down the hub studs so that your wheels can sit fllush on the adapters.
  • More Sizes: The chart below shows the metric conversion for imperial inch sizes. Inch Millimeter 4" 101.6 4.25" 108 4.5" 114.3 4.75" 120.65 5" 127 5.5" 139.7 6.5" 165.1

    Following is a list of all our stock and customizable sizes. Click on the part # to buy our stock size orcustom built. The first part of the size is vehicle side bolt pattern and the second part of the size is the wheel side bolt pattern. We use imperial inch size wherever possible. Check the chart above to convert to millimeters.

    Part # Vehicle Wheel Stud Bore Note 5100-5100 5x100 5x100 12x1.5 72mm 5100-5425 5x100 5x4.25 12x1.5 78mm 5100-5112 5x100 5x112 12x1.5 78mm 5100-5450 5x100 5x4.5 12x1.5 66mm 5100-5115 5x100 5x115 12x1.5 78mm 5100-5120 5x100 5x120 12x1.5 78mm 5100-5475 5x100 5x4.75 12x1.5 66mm 5100-5500 5x100 5x5 12x1.5 78mm 5100-5130 5x100 5x130 12x1.5 78mm 5100-5135 5x100 5x135 12x1.5 78mm 5100-5550 5x100 5x5.5 12x1.5 78mm 5400-5100 5x4 5x100 12x1.5 78mm 5400-5400 5x4 5x4 12x1.5 78mm 5400-5450 5x4 5x4.5 12x1.5 78mm 5400-5475 5x4 5x4.75 12x1.5 78mm 5400-5500 5x4 5x5 12x1.5 78mm 5425-5100 5x4.25 5x100 12x1.5 78mm 5425-5425 5x4.25 5x4.25 12x1.5 70.7mm 5425-5450 5x4.25 5x4.5 12x1.5 70.7mm 5425-5115 5x4.25 5x115 12x1.5 78mm 5425-5120 5x4.25 5x120 12x1.5 78mm 5425-5475 5x4.25 5x4.75 12x1.5 78mm 5425-5500 5x4.25 5x5 12x1.5 78mm 5110-5100 5x110 5x100 12x1.5 78mm 5110-5425 5x110 5x4.25 12x1.5 78mm 5110-5110 5x110 5x110 12x1.5 65.1mm 5110-5450 5x110 5x4.5 12x1.5 65.1mm 5110-5115 5x110 5x115 12x1.5 78mm 5110-5120 5x110 5x120 12x1.5 78mm 5110-5475 5x110 5x4.75 12x1.5 65.1mm 5110-5500 5x110 5x5 12x1.5 78mm 5110-5130 5x110 5x130 12x1.5 78mm 5112-5100 5x112 5x100 12x1.5 78mm 5112-5112 5x112 5x112 12x1.5 78mm 5112-5450 5x112 5x4.5 12x1.5 78mm 5112-5475 5x112 5x4.75 12x1.5 78mm 5112-5130 5x112 5130 12x1.5 78mm 5450-5100 5x4.5 5x100 1/2" 73.1mm 5450-5425 5x4.5 5x4.25 1/2" 73.1mm 5450-5110 5x4.5 5x110 12x1.5 78mm 5450-5112 5x4.5 5x112 1/2" 73.1mm 5450-5450 5x4.5 5x4.5 1/2" 73.1mm 5450-5450 5x4.5 5x4.5 12x1.5 73.1mm 5450-5450 5x4.5 5x4.5 12x1.25 66.1mm 5450-5450 5x4.5 5x4.5 12x1.5 64.1mm 5450-5450 5x4.5 5x4.5 1/2 70.6mm 5450-5450 5x4.5 5x4.5 1/2 71.5mm 5450-5115 5x4.5 5x115 12x1.5 78mm 5450-5120 5x4.5 5x120 12x1.5 78mm 5450-5475 5x4.5 5x4.75 1/2" 73.1mm 5450-5500 5x4.5 5x5 1/2" 73.1mm 5450-5550 5x4.5 5x5.5 1/2 73.1mm 5450-5130 5x4.5 5x130 12x1.5 78mm 5450-5135 5x4.5 5x135 1/2" 73.1mm 5450-5150 5x4.5 5x150 12x1.5 78mm 5115-5100 5x115 5x100 12x1.5 78mm 5115-5425 5x115 5x4.25 12x1.5 78mm 5115-5112 5x115 5x112 12x1.5 78mm 5115-5450 5x115 5x4.5 12x1.5 78mm 5115-5115 5x115 5x115 14x1.5 73.1mm 5115-5120 5x115 5x120 12x1.5 78mm 5115-5475 5x115 5x4.75 12x1.5 78mm 5115-5500 5x115 5x5 12x1.5 78mm 5115-5130 5x115 5x130 12x1.5 78mm 5115-5135 5x115 5x135 12x1.5 78mm 5120-5100 5x120 5x100 12x1.5 78mm 5120-5450 5x120 5x4.5 12x1.5 78mm 5120-5120 5x120 5x120 14x1.5 72.56mm 5120-5120 5x120 5x120 14x1.5 67.1mm 5120-5475 5x120 5x4.75 12x1.5 78mm 5120-5500 5x120 5x5 12x1.5 78mm 5120-5130 5x120 5x130 12x1.5 78mm 5475-5100 5x4.75 5x100 12x1.5 78mm 5475-5425 5x4.75 5x4.25 12x1.5 78mm 5475-5450 5x4.75 5x4.5 12x1.5 74.1mm 5475-5110 5x4.75 5x110 12x1.5 78mm 5475-5112 5x4.75 5x112 12x1.5 78mm 5475-5120 5x4.75 5x120 12x1.5 78mm 5475-5475 5x4.75 5x4.75 12x1.5 73.1mm 5475-5475 5x4.75 5x4.75 7/16" 73.1mm 5475-5475 5x4.75 5x4.75 1/2" 74.1mm 5475-5500 5x4.75 5x5 12x1.5 74.1mm 5475-5130 5x4.75 5x130 12x1.5 78mm 5475-5135 5x4.75 5x135 12x1.5 74.1mm 5475-5550 5x4.75 5x5.5 12x1.5 74.1mm 5500-5100 5x5 5x100 12x1.5 78mm 5500-5425 5x5 5x4.25 12x1.5 78mm 5500-5112 5x5 5x112 12x1.5 78mm 5500-5450 5x5 5x4.5 1/2" 78.3mm 5500-5115 5x5 5x115 12x1.5 78mm 5500-5120 5x5 5x120 12x1.5 78mm 5500-5475 5x5 5x4.75 1/2" 78.3mm 5500-5500 5x5 5x5 1/2" 78.3mm 5500-5500 5x5 5x5 14x1.5 78.3mm 5500-5130 5x5 5x130 12x1.5 78mm 5500-5135 5x5 5x135 1/2" 78.3mm 5500-5550 5x5 5x5.5 1/2" 82.55mm 5130-5112 5x130 5x112 12x1.5 78mm 5130-5450 5x130 5x4.5 14x1.5 71.5mm 5130-5120 5x130 5x120 12x1.5 78mm 5130-5475 5x130 5x4.75 12x1.5 78mm 5130-5500 5x130 5x5 12x1.5 78mm 5130-5130 5x130 5x130 14x1.5 71.5mm 5130-5135 5x130 5x135 12x1.5 78mm 5135-5100 5x135 5x100 12x1.5 78mm 5135-5425 5x135 5x4.25 12x1.5 78mm 5135-5112 5x135 5x112 12x1.5 78mm 5135-5450 5x135 5x4.5 14x2 87.2mm 5135-5120 5x135 5x120 12x1.5 78mm 5135-5475 5x135 5x4.75 14x2 87.2mm 5135-5135 5x135 5x135 14x2 87.2mm 5135-5500 5x135 5x5 14x2 87.2mm 5135-5550 5x135 5x5.5 14x2 87.2mm 5550-5450 5x5.5 5x4.5 1/2" 88mm 5550-5450 5x5.5 5x4.5 1/2" 108mm Step Bore 5550-5475 5x5.5 5x4.75 1/2" 87.2mm 5550-5135 5x5.5 5x135 1/2" 108mm 5550-5500 5x5.5 5x5 1/2" 88mm 5550-5550 5x5.5 5x5.5 1/2" 108mm 5550-5550 5x5.5 5x5.5 9/16" 108mm 5150-5450 5x150 5x4.5 12x1.5 110.1mm 5150-5475 5x150 5x4.75 12x1.5 110.1mm 5150-5500 5x150 5x5 12x1.5 110.1mm 5150-5550 5x150 5x5.5 12x1.5 110.1mm 5150-5150 5x150 5x150 14x1.5 110.1mm 5650-5650 5x6.5 5x6.5 16x1.5 120.6mm Weight: 7lb Part 5475-5475HV 1"
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