2.25" ID Universal Catalytic Converter EASTERN (NONCOMPLIANT in CA or NY) 83165 for Sale

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This is a UNIVERSAL converter - We do NOT guarantee direct fitment. We are NOT responsible for improper fitment.Additional modifications may be required.
Features our advanced Nano Technology for longer lasting more efficient catalyst. This ensures that so long as your vehicle is kept properly tuned to the manufacturers specifications, this converter will continue to function effectively. In fact we are so confident of the quality of our converters, that it is backed by a full 5 year warranty by the manufacturer (see below for more details)
Not legal for sale in California or New York.If your vehicle is registered in California or New York, do not purchase this part.If your vehicle meets California requirements, but is not registered in California or New York, this converter will work on your vehicle.
So why can't I just buy one of the cheaper products sold elsewhere on or from discount sellers?Most converter manufacturers are driven strictly by price, and have not put the proper research and development into making sure they sell you a product that works and fits properly on your car. Most brands use cheaper catalyst that does not effectively keep the CEL off. Some only keep the light of for a couple days, weeks, or months, but cannot last long term. Even when the product fails within the warranty period, these companies develop loopholes requiring you to product all sort of documentation and making you jump through hoops when you are the victim.
What a catalytic converter costs become irrelevant if it doesn't even work. The reason many of these other companies are selling converters so cheaply is because the catalyst they use in their products is so inferior to what we use. Catalytic converter contain precious metals that can cost thousands of dollars per ounce. They reduce the cost of their product by using less of these materials. If inadequate quantities of precious metals are used, the converter cannot effectively keep the CEL off, and the converter will fail.
Some would argue that top well know brand names would be safe bets, and some of them are less expensive than the product we sell here. However, this is simply not true. Converters sold under brands such as Magnaflow, Dynomax, Catco etc. are just ordinary cheap converters of the same variety that are listed above. They do not have the precious metal content or catalyst technology required to make a durable, long lasting, and efficient converter, nor do they flow any better than OEM converters or our product or anything else out there.
So what makes this converter better than the other products out there?We use better quality catalyst, and use precious metal blends and coating technologies that are not used by cheaper competitors. We have designed our product to be one of the longest lasting, most dependable products out there. We do not cut corners. If we find our product doesn't work in the field, we will remove it from our product listings until the issue is identified and corrected.
I live in California, will this converter work on my car?No. Within the state of California, special emission laws have been put into effect that require that only state approved converters can be used on replacements on vehicles that will be registered in California. These certifications are approved on an application/engine family basis. However, these guidelines only pertain to vehicles that will be registered within California. So if your car is registered in California, you have little choice but to comply with California regulations.
I do not live in California but my car says it meets California requirements, can I use this converter?Vehicles that have a California emissions sticker are designed to meet the stricter emission requirements of California. Vehicles that meet California requirements do not need to have California legal converters if they are registered outside California, however the stricter emissions standards do need to be taken into consideration. We strive to take the guesswork out by making sure that our converters will work on the intended application whether it meets California requirements or not. Our converters work on all FED and CA emission vehicles and are legal for installation in all 49 states excluding California. Our converters would technically work in California as well, but we cannot sell them there for legal reasons.
Special notes to installerWhile we have taken every design precaution to ensure that this product will function correctly on the vehicles listed, it must be made clear that the original converter did not fail due to age or mileage. The factory converter is designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle. It has no moving parts and does not errode or otherwise wear out. The factory converter likely failed due to a fuel management problem or from chemical contamination due to impurities found in some fuels. The converter can only handle certain amounts of unburnt fuel. If the vehicle is running too rich, or if the combustion is not consuming most of the fuel before it enters the exhaust, the converter can be overheated or otherwise damaged. It is for this reason that the vehicle should be properly tuned on a regular basis. O2 sensors should be replaced every 80,000 miles, spark plugs every 60,000 - 100,000 miles, and the injectors and combustion chambers should be cleaned with a product designed for this purpose every 10,000 miles or every year. Use of an incorrect octane fuel may contribute to the formation of deposits in the converter, which can harm the catalyst. Use only the octane recommended in the owners manual. Only OE spec spark plugs and wires should be used, as other brands may cause poor combustion and contribute to deposit formation.We have determined that failure of either the front O2 sensor (the front wide-band sensor, also known as an Air-Fuel Ratio Sensor) or the rear or downstream sensor, can trigger a false P0420 code. Both sensors should be replaced when you replace the converter.
WarrantyThis part is backed by a full 5 year/50,000 mile emissions warranty. This means that so long as the vehicle is kept properly tuned and maintained to the manufacturers specifications our warranty will provide a replacement converter. We sell a better quality product, and we are not afraid to stand behind it. There are terms and conditions with this warranty, please see the included warranty information card. In the unlikely event that you have an issue with one of our converters, please have your sales receipt handy so that we can look up your transaction. Our warranty covers the part and the shipping costs to get you a new unit. We do not refund labor or other installation costs.
Compare the 2 year/25,000 mile warranties offered by competitors. Their warranty only meets minimum Federal guidelines, and most sellers will make you jump through hoops to their faulty converters warrantied (this is how they make their money). They will use all types of loopholes to avoid having to honor the warranty. The most common reasons given include: Only for non-California vehicles, improper installation, DIY installation, no proof of proper tuning, etc. Whats worse is they give you no advance notice of other issues that might need to be addressed to prevent a problem. On the other hand, if your particular car has a history of certain specific tuning issues, we will make an effort to alert you to such problems in advance so that you have an opportunity to correct the problem and prevent it from harming your new converter.

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