Treadstone Twin Turbo TRTTC9 Intercooler 1300HP 25" corvette camaro viper lsx for Sale

Price: $639.33

New, GenuineTreadstone TRTTC9 Intercooler
Massive intercooler manufactured for those who want more more efficent and longer tube length to cool high boosted air more than the TRV25 series.Perfect for boost application upwards of 1300HPSupurb quality with highefficientbar and plate constructionQuality cast tanks ensure evenlydistributedairflow and low pressure dropChecked to 150 PSI and come with a 1 year warranty againstmanufacturedefect
Features a 9" longer tube length than its predecessor and is perfect for high boost upwards of 1300HP Core size-25" x 9" x 3.50" 2 * 2.5" inlets and 1 * 3" outlet outlet is angled 15 degrees1950 CFM flow rate 1300HP efficient Less than 2psi pressure drop at max flowUsed in various twin turbo applications such as, Camaro, Corvette and Vipers.Good for use on many cars; Supras, mustangs, nissans, grand nationals, camaros, firebirds etc
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