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Porsche 944 Short shifter, Quick shifter, Shift Linkage, Porsche 924S for Sale

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Porsche 944 Short shifter, Quick shifter, Shift Linkage, Porsche 924S

Price: $85

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Porsche 944, 944S, 944S2, 951 Parts

Brand: Only944 Part #: 944Shortshifter Price: $85.00 In Stock: Yes Qty Required: 1 Time to Ship: 1 day Application: 924(?), 924 (86-88), 944 (83-91), 951 (86-91) Notes: Not for 968. Will work on some 924s, depends on transmission type. Description: Short shifter and or shift linkage. This is the linkage in the rear of the car on top of the transmission. The only way to make the 944 have a shorter shift pattern is to change this linkage. The linkage will change the distance that the shifter has to move to select a gear. It will shorten the distance front to back by about 30% and also the distance side to side by about 30%. Our linkage is also adjustable in the side to side movement. The bottom slot will give you stock side to side movement, while the top slot will give you about 30% less side to side movement. For those people that want to enjoy smooth, “slop free”, and fast shifting then you will enjoy this short shift linkage. Especially since the Porsche linkage, part number 94442401302, cost more than $225.00 With the linkage attached in the bottom slot the shifting movement will be 30% less front to back and stock side to side. The feel of this is similar to the feel of the stock shifting, but you will notice the shorter front to back movement. Installing the linkage using the top slot will give you both, 30% less front to back and side to side movement. This has a very noticeable feel, making shifting gears much quicker, and more fun. Only944 short shift linkage, is made of high strength Stainless Steel and Aluminums for light weight and durability. Pivoting action is achieved through a high quality heim joint and two sets of thrust bearings. And in the off chance that you need to rebuild or repair the short shifter, you can! Both the bearings and the heim joint are easily removable and replaceable. Installation is easy, if you can remove the rear wheel then you can install a short shifter. Check out the instructions Here

Only944.com is in no way affiliated with Porsche AG or Porsche Cars North America, but spelling mistakes are my doing. Copyright 2012

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