Pontiac G8 GT L76 160 low temperature thermostat 6L V8 for Sale

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160 degree F thermostat for 2004 to 2008 Gen III and Gen IV V8 engines in Corvette, GTO, CTS-V, Impala SS and full size trucks

This a 160 degree F thermostat for the GM 4.8L, 5.3L, 5.7L, 6.0L and 7.0L Gen III and Gen IV V8 engines found in most 2003-2008 model year vehicles (DOES NOT FIT 2007-2008 full size trucks or Trailblazer SS).

Direct factory replacement for the original equipment production stock 190 degree F thermostat (188 to 192). Includes new rubber seal (as shown in images).

Fits the following engine RPO codes (check Thermostat ID Page to verify fitment):



This thermostat fits 2004 and newer vehicles including: Corvette, Z06 Corvette, GTO, CTS-V, G8 GT, Grandprix GTP, Monte Carlo SS and Impala SS. Also fits 2004-2006 V8 equipped GM trucks including: Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban, H2, Sierra, Silverado, SSR, Trailblazer, Envoy.

This thermostat does NOT fit the 2007 Trailblazer SS or the new 2007-2008 GM trucks. These vehicles have a different water pump and thermostat. We have 160 thermostats for these vehicles listed in our store.

Unless you have a new replacement service water pump, earlier vehicles (2003 and earlier) use a different thermostat. That means that this is NOT the correct thermostat for LS1 Camaro and Firebird applications unless you have switched to a new design water pump. Some cross over exists on 2004 vehicles, especially the 2004 GTO. Please check to make sure you are ordering the correct thermostat.

If you are not sure what style thermostat your vehicles needs, go to this page to help identify the differences:

Thermostat ID Page

The 160 degree thermostat allows your engine to run cooler, making more power by increasing charge density and reducing the propensity for knock. A cooler thermostat can often allow you to run more ignition timing at the new lower coolant temperatures.

The low temperature thermostat is especially helpful at the drag strip when you are trying to cool your engine down between runs. With a stock thermostat, once your coolant reaches 192 degrees, the thermostat is closed and it takes a lot longer to cool the engine down because no coolant is circulating through your radiator. With a 160 thermostat, this doesn't happen until your coolant reaches 160 degrees.

In order to take full advantage of the lower temperature thermostat, vehicles with electric fans will need to have the computer reprogrammed to run the fans at a lower temperature. This can be done by having your PCM/ECM custom programmed, using a hand-held reprogrammer or by reprogramming your PCM/ECM with reprogramming software (available from LPE in our store). You can also wire in a mechanical fan switch in some applications but this will often set a code.

These are brand new thermostats directly from LPE's inventory. These are the same thermostats used by LPE in our engine packages.

LPE part # L310015204 (was LN1001)

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