Motorcycle Tire Balance Beads 3 oz Balancing Kit + FREE Offer see description for Sale

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    Motorcycle Tire Balancing Beads Honda Dyna Harley Yamaha Suzuki Kawasaki
    For all types of Motorcycles and ATV's


    Intended for Tubeless.... May not work with TUBE stems

    This sale is fora 1oz and 2oz bagAS SEEN ON TV Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code

    Common Questions - CLICK HERE

    I'm selling the Premium Ceramic CompoundBeads -

    1. Don't settle for steel beads that can hurt rims,or

    2. glassbeads that can come apart in your tires, align="left" style="color: rgb(255, 0, 17); font-size: xx-large;">plastic beadsthat canclump with moisture andquit working.

    NOTICE! - FREE - filtered valve cores and red stem caps on request

    For free cores and caps you must request one or both with you order

    The purpose of the red caps is to alert shops you have internal balancing in your tires.


    1. See tire chart to check your tire size for amount needed.Look to the left bar at the bottom for link

    2. Enter the number of kits you need in the quantity

    3. NOT recommended for small cars that weigh under 3000lbs (motorcycles, quads are ok)

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    Orders under 13 ounces will ship First Class Mail .........( 1- 7 business days )

    Orders 13oz and over will ship Priority Mail ...................( 1- 3 business days )

    $11 for the firstkit and only $2 for eachafter that up to20.

    If you are purchasing more than5kits please contact me for cheaper shipping

    I can not ship to Mexico.

    Packages are not insurable through USPS to

    Mexico and FEDEX / UPS is to expensive.

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