Motorcycle Tire Balancing Ceramic Dynamic Balancing 3oz Kit Free Offer for Sale

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Checkered Flag Tire Beads

Tire Balancing Beads, Ceramic Dynamic Balance Compound by Checkered Flag Tires

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Our Tire Balancing Beadsare a Ceramic Compound bead that balance your tireswithout the need forlead weights or lead ballsthatWILL damage your rims.

- Our Tire Balancing BeadsWILL NOTBreakor turn to dust in your tires.

- Tire balance beadsare hard enough not to crack or come apart and they will last the life of your tires.

- Checkered Flag Tire Balance Beadsare very affordable and safe. They will work on many types of tires and come with a money back guarantee.

-Tire balancing beadsare made of a round ceramic compound that is very smooth. They roll without causing damage to the tires or the rims.

- It is a proven factthat balanced tires improve fuel mileage and allow for longer tire tread life.Checkered Flag Tire Balance Beadswill balance your tires every time you leave a stop sign or stop light.

- Unlike other productson the market todayCheckered Flag Tire Balance Beadswill not clump with moisture and is safe to use with TPMS.

- Our tire balancing beadscan be used on Semi Trucks, Motorhomes, Trailers, Motorcycles, SUV, Pickup Trucks and more. Tire Balance Beads are really not meant for small cars, low profile tires, sports cars, hot rods and race cars.

This sale is for a 1oz and 2oz bag with 2Free filtered valve cores, red caps and a gold core tool.

Why buy Checkered Flag Tires?

  1. WILL NOT clump like plastic style beads
  2. A face to go with ourtire balancing beads
  3. A working phone number for Tech Support
  4. A proven record of Customer Service
  5. A full set of instructions with every order
  6. 4 FREE Core and Caps with a gold color core tool
  7. A website with 24hr access
  8. A working knowledge oftire beadsfor many years
  9. A brand that isstrongenough to have been on TV
  10. We are here for our customers
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Keep scrolling down for Tire

Tire charts for Checkered Flag Tire Beads.

DO NOT purchase for tire sizes that are not on out charts without contacting us first.

Scroll Down For ChartsMAKE SURE you see the correct section for your tires.
MOTORCYCLESFront tire on Motorcycle & Trikesup to - 120 milometers wide1oz 130 - milometers wide and up2ozRear tire on motorcycle & Trikes130 - 240 milometers wide2oz250 - 360 milometers wide3oz195 - 205 car tires on rear of bike3oz

Dirt & All Terrain Tires that haveRim LocksFront tire- 80 - 120 milometers wide2ozRear - tire 130 -230 milometers wide3oz

For the Scooter CommunityUnder 12 inch wheels1 oz12 inch and over wheels2 oz


Notice:This chart is for commercial truck and trailers.

For for SUV or Pick-Up Truck tires see chart further down.

.....Tire Size.....Ounces7.00 R153oz7.50 R156oz8.25 R156oz9.00 R158oz10.00 R158oz195/65 R164oz245/65 R164oz305/65 R164oz205/75 R164oz225/75 R164oz245/75 R164oz265/75 R164oz285/75 R165oz315/75 R16
215/85 R165oz
4oz225/85 R165oz235/85 R16
245/85 R165oz
5oz255/85 R165oz265/85 R165oz275/85 R165oz345/65 R165oz7.50 R164oz8.25 R166oz9.00 R166oz11.00 R1610oz265/70 R176oz275/70 R176oz285/70 R176oz305/70 R176oz8 R17.55oz8.5 R17.55oz9 R17.56oz9.5 R17.58oz10 R17.58oz11 R17.58oz195/70 R17.55oz215/70 R17.55oz235/70 R17.55oz245/70 R17.55oz265/70 R17.55oz205/75 R17.55oz215/75 R17.55oz225/75 R17.56oz235/75 R17.56oz205/80 R17.55oz225/80 R17.55oz225/90 R17.56oz7.50 2oz for duals8 2oz for duals9 2oz for duals18 R19.514oz225/70 2oz for duals245/70 2oz for duals265/70 R19.5
275/70 R19.5
285/70 2oz for duals 2oz for duals 2oz for duals305/70 R19.5
280/75 R19.510oz
8oz385/65 R19.514oz425/44 R19.5
435/50 R19.514oz
14oz445/45 R19.512oz

.....Tire Size.........Ounces....7.50 R208oz 2oz for duals8.25 R208oz 2oz for duals9.00 R2010oz 2oz for duals10.00 R2010oz 2oz for duals11.00 R2012oz 2oz for duals1200 R2012oz 2oz for duals12.50 R2014oz 2oz for duals13/80 R2012oz 2oz for duals14/80 R2014oz 2oz for duals14.00 R2016 oz16.00 R20 non military16oz - military scroll down275/80 R2012oz 2oz for duals335/80 R2012oz 2oz for duals365/80 R2014 oz10 R22.512oz 2oz for duals11 R22.512oz 2oz for duals8 R22.58oz 2oz for duals9 R22.58oz 2oz for duals10 R22.58oz 2oz for duals11 R22.510oz 2oz for duals12 R22.512z 2oz for duals13 R22.514oz 2oz for duals15 R22.514oz 2oz for duals16.5 R22.5
18 R22.514 oz
16 oz275/50 R22.512 oz385/65 R22.514 oz425/65 R22.516 oz445/65 R22.5
11/70 R22.5
235/70 R22.518oz 2oz for duals
10oz 2oz for duals
10oz 2oz for duals255/70 R22.510oz 2oz for duals265/70 R22.510oz 2oz for duals275/70 R22.510oz 2oz for duals305/70 R22.510oz 2oz for duals315/70 R22.510oz 2oz for duals265/75 R22.510oz 2oz for duals285/75 R22.510oz 2oz for duals295/75 R22.510oz 2oz for duals315/75 R22.510oz 2oz for duals345/75 R22.512oz 2oz for duals350/75 R22.514oz 2oz for duals235/80 R22.510oz 2oz for duals255/80 R22.510oz 2oz for duals275/80 R22.510 oz295/80 R22.512 oz315/80 R22.512 oz365/80 R22.512 oz315/80 R22.512 oz295/80 R22.512 oz315/70 R22.512 oz305/70 R22.512 oz275/70 R22.510oz 2oz for duals315/60 R22.512oz 2oz for duals295/60 R22.510oz 2oz for duals11 R24.512oz 2oz for duals12 R24.512oz 2oz for duals14 R24.516 oz285/75 R24.510oz 2oz for duals305/75 R24.510oz 2oz for duals315/75 R24.510oz 2oz for duals275/80 R24.510oz 2oz for duals295/80 R24.510oz 2oz for duals

Super Single SizesSize Ounces445/65 R22.5 L20oz445/50 R22.5 - Michelin Plus16oz445/55 R22.516oz385/65 R22.5 J14oz425/65 R22.5 L16oz445/50 R22.514ozTruck & SUV Tires8 and 10 ply/Load D & EWidthSidewallRim & - MPT701812365 MPT701812


275 MPT802014365 MPT802020365 MPT802020405 MPT702020455 MPT70242010.5 MPT E518812.5 MPT 30181210.5 MPT MIL20810.5 MPT Titan201010.5 MPT 80201012.5 MPT 30201212.5 MPT E6201014.5 MPT 30201414.5 MPT E6201414.5 MPT 30201414.5 MPT 80201414.5 MPT 8020 18+ ply1614.5 MPT 70E202014.5 MPT 812020SizeOunces9.00 R1616811.00 R16161014.75/80 R20202215.5/80 R20202511.00 R20201412.50 R20201214.00 R20202514.5 R20201616.00R20 XL load J203611.00 load M2036365/85 R202021395/85 R202024335/80 R202012365/80 R20201824 R21214514.00 R16201412.00 R202020395/85 R20202414.00 R202030Tire DiameterTire WidthRim 4 ply63011.515 6 6 ply63112.516 10 style="font-size: 16px; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: Georgia, "Times New Roman", "Bitstream Charter", Times, serif;">

Standard & Light Truck Tires4 - 6 ply rated tires / Load C & standardTire SizeOunces205/75 R153oz215/75 R153oz225/75 R153oz235/75 R154oz205/70 R153oz215/70 R153oz225/70 R153oz235/70 R154oz215/70 R164oz225/70 R16
235/70 R164oz
5oz245/70 R165oz255/70 R165oz265/70 R165oz275/70 R16
305/70 R165oz
5oz225/75 R164oz235/75 R165 oz245/75 R165oz265/75 R165oz285/75 R165oz

Tire SizeOunces215/85 R164oz225/85 R165oz235/85 R165oz245/85 R165oz255/85 R165oz265/85 R165oz275/85 R166oz

7.50 R16

8.25 R16



9.00 R168oz265/70 R175oz285/70 R175oz305/70 R176oz315/70 R176oz235/80 / ALL SORTSRadial - Bias - Trailer.......Size.......Ounces145 / R122oz185/80 R132oz205/75 R14
215/75 R142 oz235/60 R142oz205/75 R153 oz205/75 R15
225/75 R153 oz225/75 R15
225/75 R153 oz235/60 R15
235/80 R163 oz
4oz235/85 R164 oz235/85 R164 oz245/75 R164 oz.....Size.....Ounces4.80 - 8
5.70 - 81oz18.5/8.5 - 81oz6.90 - 92oz20.5/8.0 - 102oz4.80 - 121 oz5.30 - 121 oz175/80 D132 oz205/75 D14
215/75 D142 oz
3oz205/75 D153 oz225/75 D153 oz225/75 D154 oz700 - 153 oz750 - 164 oz8 - 14.53 oz

Notice:The beads cannot be used with any kind of liquid - 63 oz16 x 8 - 73 oz16 x 6.50 - 84 oz18 x 11 - 84 oz18 x 9.50 - 84 oz19 x 7 - 84 oz19 x 8 - 84 oz20 x 10 - 82 oz22 x 11 - 85 oz20 x 11 - 85 oz20 x 7 - 85 oz22 x 11 - 85 oz22 x 12 - 85 oz22.5 x 10 - 85 oz20 x 11 - 95 oz22 x 10 - 9
22 x 11 - 95 oz25 x 12 - 95 oz25 x 13 - 95 oz

23 x 10.50 - 125 oz23 x 8 - 12
23 x 8.00 - 125 oz24 x 11 - 125 oz24 x 12.00 - 125 oz24 x 8 - 125 oz24 x 9 - 125 oz25 x 10 - 126 oz25 x 10.50 - 126 oz25 x 11 - 126 oz25 x 8 - 126 oz25 x 8.00 - 126 oz

26 x 9 - 12

26 x 10 - 12

8 oz26 x 12 - 128 oz26 x 12.00 - 12
26 x 9 - 128 oz
6 oz27 x 12 - 128 oz27 x 9 - 128 oz205/80 R126 oz205/85 R126 oz255/70 R128 oz255/65 R128 oz270/60 R128 oz23 x 7.00 R125 oz23 x 10.00 R125 oz25 x 8 R126 oz26 x 8 R126 oz25 x 11 R128 oz26 x 10 R128 oz26 x 8 R148 oz

26 x 11 R14

28 x 10 R14

30 x 10 R14

8 oz

10 oz

12 oz

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