Mazda Miata Mx-5 Convertible Top Tonneau Cover (Fits: 1990-1997 Miata) for Sale

Price: $76

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Used original Mazda cover from a 1991 Miata. The information available on seems to indicate this cover is compatible for 1990-1997 models. All snaps work however the cosmetic button cover on 2 of the black ones are missing - but this does *not* affect them from snapping into place. In fact, even though the snap button covers are cosmetic, as you can see in the photo it is very difficult to even tell they aren't on 3 of the snaps. Everything else seems to be fine - the stitching is great and the plastic channels on the back which grab onto the car are all there. In other words, this is simply a used black tonneau cover which does what it's supposed to and should serve its purpose just fine. But it is used so please don't buy it and then later complain it isn't brand spanking new. It's used and it looks just as good as it looks in the photo and is very good condition but it is not perfect. I'm saying this because I want a smooth and transaction just as much as you do and don't want any aggravation afterwards - I'd rather lose the sale than have either of us unhappy. This sale is designated with as no returns allowed so... please make 100% certain this is what you need and want *beforehand* and if you have any questions, ask prior to offerding - I am happy to help and check my email regularly so you will normally get a reply within just a few hours. Please pay within 2 days of winning and likewise I will ship within 2 days - if you take longer than that to pay then it throws a monkey wrench into my schedule and ability to get to the post office so... if you take longer than 2 days to pay then, in fairness, you shouldlikewiseallow me just as long to ship. Speaking of shipping, I will ship this in an actual box for protection - you don't need to worry about me being one of those sellers who roll them up and stuff it in a soft-sided mailer bag where it can be easily damaged.

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