Mazda Miata MX5 Door side stripe kit Gloss Black 70" x 3.25" inch (178cm x 8cm) for Sale

Price: $29

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Selling a total of TWO 70" x 3.25" inch (178cm x 8cm)decals, one for driver and one for Passenger side.*We recommend someone with experiencewith vinyl or a vinyl shop to do installation , This is a Cal based vinyl and can leave air bubbles trapped underneath if not applied correctly, for easier install we do offer performance and premium vinyl that will be more bubble free install for a higher price.Material:High quality vinyl with average life of 5-6 years outdoors / Longer if used indoors
*Will be shipped 1st class package typically receive in 2-4 business days and has tracking
*Don't see a color or size that you are wanting message me to have custom sizes/colors
Instructions to apply decal/Sticker
On decals larger than 6" it is recommended for someone with experience orshop install for best results
Before applying please make surface is clean , we typically will wipe surface with50% isopropyl alcohol and wipe dry with a clean dry microfiber towel.
1. Lay decal face down and on flat surface
2.Slowly remove backing paper at a 180 degree angle,make surethe decal is sticking to the translucent Tape side.
3.Apply to a clean,non-porous surface.
4.Using an object with a hard flat edge(Squeegee is recommended but some have used credit cards),press the translucent transfer tape firmly,concentrating on the vinyl areas,working from thecenter of the decal outward.
5.Carefully remove the translucent transfer tape from the decal at a 180 degree angle,making sure the vinyl decal adheres to the surface being applied to.
6. After removing all of the translucent transfer tape you may need to press down decal toensure it is flat against surface being applied to.

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