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Xenon HID is proud to present the stage IFuel performance fuel saving system for your vehicle. The technology behind this product is mind-blowing! Consisting of super high density 10800 gauss magnetic strength with patented Neodymium (Rare Earth Magnet) technology, no other unit on the market today will produce the same results as the Ifuel. The technology in this Ifuel is used for cars, trucks, and motorcycles that are trying to achieve maximum fuel efficency from thier engine. Imagine getting more miles per tankful! The Ifuel is the ultimate fuel saving device on the market today.

What you'll receive with your Stage 3 IFuel Purchase:
-IFuel Performance Fuel Saving Device
-4 Screws to solidly affix device to fuel line


We present to you the iFuel™ Magnetic Field Fuel Ionizer. This patented design bolts onto your incoming fuel line and works by filtering irregularities and allowing for a cleaner fuel system. You may believe that since you only purchase gas at a single gas station that you are always buying the “good” stuff. However, depending on pricing, your gas station buys from the same refineries at the lowest price that the cheap chains do as well.

The secret lies within the core of the Ionizer. The Power Performance Ionizers are manufactured from only the finest quality Neodymium - Rare Earth Magnets. Not typical magnets used in other applications. The magnets interact specifically with molecules in gas to improve overall combustion. This results in a more EFFICIENT & OPTIMAL burn. The more efficient the fuel burns, the less that is required by the engine to achieve optimal performance!

This translates into less carbon deposits in your engine and over the course of ownership will result in hundreds of dollars of return on your investment with a cleaner burning and more efficient drive train. Please refer to the following chart based on EPA and iFuel™ findings which clearly show a great improvement in the test subject 2005 Honda Accord 4 cylinder with 78,000 miles on the Odometer.

As you can see all the components in our kit are HIGH QUALITY and AUTHENTIC unlike the rest of these units listed on . Do not get SCAMMED by their cheap made kits or knockoffs! Check out in detail the quality and workmanship of our Stage 4 Mega Raizin. Notice the HIGH quality construction and stage 4 condenser design of our Mega Raizin. Get that VOLT effect!

Check out the design of our ACTUAL product shown above. It is authentic ULIKE ALL THE REST on ! Look at our stage 3 design and you will see just how much nicer made they look - don't take our word for it, COMPARE for yourself!

No other kit on the market today will generate the same type of results as this stage 3 unit. Other sellers are simply trying to imitate and mimic our design and processes. They simply fall short on all key areas. Our Stage 3 IFUEL is simply the best unit currently in production - the pictures don't lie!

Q: What is an iFuel™ Ionizer?
A: The iFuel™ is a Fuel Ionizer with a built-in internal Electromagnetic field generator that securely clamps to your fuel delivery line. This device has been developed by US designs with production in Japan, where they are known for their love of performance and fuel mileage concerns. It is designed to SuperCharge incoming fuel to your system at the atomic level by charging the particles and aligning them to be all uniform with the use of the rarest Earth Magnet - NEODYMIUM. The other cheap units you see on are using worthless, common magnets.

Q: Is the Installation Simple?
A: The iFuel™ has all of its major components built-in. The only installation you need to worry about is locating your incoming fuel line (explained further below) and clamping the iFuel™ with its supplied tools to the line.

Q: How quickly will I see a difference in performance and MPG?
A: In general, the duration of the iFuel™ working at maximum efficiency will require about 2-3 tank fulls worth of ionization in older vehicles and less in newer ones prior to supercharging your fuel system and bringing it into the ideal ionization level required for maximum fuel burning.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with the iFuel™?
A: We strive for your total satisfaction, if you purchase an iFuel™ and are not satisfied, we have one of the best return policies on . Your happiness is our only concern.

Untreated fuel molecules tend to clump together due to attraction between molecules with charges of opposite polarities. This causes an inefficient burn. As a result, your engine experiences loss of power, lower gas mileage and lots of carbon build-up. The iFuel powerful magnetic field causes these clumps of fuel molecules to be charged with a single polarity, thus they repel each other making the fuel disperse more efficiently causing more complete combustion and power production. Turbomag will actually remove the existing carbon build-up in your engine - this usually takes an average of 3 tanks full of gas, followed by a dramatic increase in gas mileage and horsepower.

Installing the iFuel

1. Locate the fuel supply line under pressure feeding the engine from the fuel tank. Vehicles with fuel injection engines normally have two lines running parallel between the fuel tank and the engine, a supply line and a return line. While the engine is running, feel the lines and the colder one of the two will be the supply line you are connecting to,

2. Insert the nylon tie through the grooves that have the tie retainer slot. This is to help hold the tie in position while applying the fuel saver to the supply fuel line.

3. Simply place the fuel saver over the fuel supply line, at the accessible location as close to the fuel injection system or carburetor as possible. However do not install the iFuel in close proximity to the alternator or any electromagnetic energy source. Installation on a metal line has given the best performance. While we have had good positive results on all materials, if you can, choose a metal fuel line even if it is a connector before the carburetor etc. Do not install the device on braided metal fuel lines however.

4. Align the iFuel halves so as the side grooves are alike. Complete installation by wrapping the tie completely around the fuel saver making sure the tie fits into the side grooves. Trim off the excess tie. Check again whether the halves are vertically as well as horizontally alike.
Due to the cleaning and removal process of the carbon/varnish deposits inside the cylinders, the fuel consumption may temporarily increase during the initial cleaning cycle. Mileage will stabilize after a short time. Noticeable improvement may take up to three tanks of fuel and, for optimum results to be achieved, please allow 1, 000 miles or 3 full tanks of gas. A clean air filter and a can of carburetor or injector cleaner mixed in the fuel will also help to give faster results and regular upkeep of your vehicle's internals are still necessary. Increased performance and smoother running will often also be noticed.

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