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N3W9F0S7UQFACMS & Topshelf

We have this part available in two versions. Our house brand CMS. We also carry this part under the Topshelf brand which carries a LIFETIME warranty. Search our listings if you're interested in the other version of this part.

Typical driveability symptoms that may be MAP related idle.

  • A rich fuel condition, which may cause spark plug fouling.
  • Detonation due to too much spark advance and a lean fuel ratio.
  • Loss of power and/or fuel economy due to retarded timing and an excessively rich fuel ratio.
  • A vacuum leak will reduce intake vacuum and cause the MAP sensor to indicate a higher than normal load on the engine. The computer will try to compensate by richening the fuel mixture and retarding timing -- which hurts fuel economy, performance and emissions.


    First, make sure engine manifold vacuum is within specifications at idle. If vacuum is unusually low, there may be a vacuum leak (leaky hose connection, intake manifold or throttle body gasket, power brake booster, etc.), an exhaust restriction (clogged converter), or an EGR leak (EGR valve not closing at idle).

    A low intake vacuum reading or excessive backpressure in the exhaust system can trick the MAP sensor into indicating there's a load on the engine. This may result in a rich fuel condition.

    A restriction in the air intake (such as a plugged air filter), on the other hand, may produce higher than normal vacuum readings. This would result in a load low indication from the MAP sensor and possibly a lean fuel condition.

    Next, check the sensor's vacuum hose for kinks or leaks. Then use a hand-held vacuum pump to check the sensor itself for leaks. The sensor should hold vacuum. Any leakage calls for replacement.

    An outright failure of the MAP sensor, loss of the sensor signal due to a wiring problem, or a sensor signal that is outside the normal voltage or frequency range will usually set a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) and turn on the Check Engine light.
    use a scan tool to check MAP sensor input and fault codes


    On 1995 and newer vehicles with OBD II self-diagnostics, a DTC code P0105 to P0109 would indicate a fault in the MAP sensor circuit.

    On older pre-OBD II vehicles, the MAP codes are:

    • General Motors: Codes 34, 33, 31
    • Ford: Codes 22, 72
    • Chrysler: Codes 13, 14

    On vehicles that provide data stream through a diagnostic connector and allow a scan tool to display sensor values, the MAP sensor's output voltage can be read and compared to specifications. Basically, you want to see a quick and dramatic change in the MAP sensor signal when the throttle on an idling engine is snapped open and shut. No change would indicate a sensor or wiring fault.

    If the sensor is reading low or there is no reading at all, check for proper reference voltage to the sensor. It should be very close to 5 volts. Also check the ground connection. If the reference voltage is low, check the wiring harness and connector for looseness, damage or corrosion.

    Scan tools that display OBD II data will also display a "calculated load value" that can be used to determine if the MAP sensor is working or not. The load value is computed using inputs from the MAP sensor, TPS sensor, airflow sensor and engine speed. The value should be low at idle, and high when the engine is under load. No change in the value, or a higher than normal reading at idle might indicate a problem with the MAP sensor, TPS sensor or airflow sensor.
    MAP sensor waveform


    A MAP sensor can also be bench tested by applying vacuum to the vacuum port with a hand vacuum pump. With 5 volts to the reference wire, the output voltage of an analog MAP sensor should drop, and on a Ford digital MAP sensor the frequency should increase.

    An analog MAP sensor's voltage can also be read directly using a voltmeter or oscilloscope. A digital MAP sensor's frequency signal can be read with a DVOM if it has a frequency function, or an oscilloscope. The leads would be connected to the signal wire and ground.

    Warning: Do NOT use an ordinary voltmeter to check a Ford BP/MAP sensor because doing so can damage the electronics inside the sensor. This type of sensor can only be diagnosed with a DVOM that displays frequency, or a scope or scan tool.

    Another way to check out a Ford digital MAP sensor circuit is to input a "simulated" MAP sensor signal with a tester that can generate an adjustable frequency signal. Changing the frequency of the simulated signal should trick the computer into changing the fuel mixture (look for a change in the injector pulse width signal).

    No change would indicate a possible computer problem.


    If a MAP sensor needs to be replaced, make sure the replacement is the correct one for the application. Differences in calibration between model years and engines will affect the operation of the engine management NumberGMOEM16212460AC Delco213-331Standard Motor Parts SMP, KEM Make Model Engine 1997CHEVROLETCORVETTEV8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin G 1998CHEVROLETCAMARO Z28V8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin G 1998CHEVROLETCAVALIERL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin 4 1998CHEVROLETCORVETTEV8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin G 1998CHEVROLETPICKUP S10/T10L4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin 4 1998GMCPICKUP SONOMA 4x2 (S15)L4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin 4 1998ISUZURODEOL4-2180cc 2.2L F/I Vin X22SE 1998ISUZURODEOV6-3165cc 3.2L F/I Vin 6VD1 1998ISUZUTROOPERV6-3475cc 3.5L F/I Vin 6VE1 1998PONTIACFIREBIRD FORMULAV8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin G 1998PONTIACSUNFIREL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin 4 1999CHEVROLETCAMAROV8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin G 1999CHEVROLETCAVALIERL4-134ci 2.2L BIFUEL/FI Vin 4 1999CHEVROLETCAVALIERL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin 4 1999CHEVROLETCORVETTEV8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin G 1999CHEVROLETPICKUP S10/T10L4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin 4 1999GMCPICKUP SONOMA (S15/T15)L4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin 4 1999ISUZUTROOPERV6-3475cc 3.5L F/I Vin 6VE1 1999PONTIACFIREBIRD FORMULAV8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin G 1999PONTIACSUNFIREL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin 4 2000CHEVROLETCAMARO Z28V8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin G 2000CHEVROLETCAVALIERL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin 4 2000CHEVROLETCAVALIERL4-134ci 2.2L BIFUEL/FI Vin 4 2000CHEVROLETCORVETTEV8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin G 2000CHEVROLETPICKUP S10/T10L4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin 4 2000CHEVROLETPICKUP S10/T10L4-134ci 2.2L FLEX/FI Vin 5 2000GMCPICKUP SONOMA (S15/T15)L4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin 4 2000GMCPICKUP SONOMA (S15/T15)L4-134ci 2.2L FLEX/FI Vin 5 2000ISUZUTROOPERV6-3475cc 3.5L F/I Vin 6VE1 2000PONTIACFIREBIRD FORMULAV8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin G 2000PONTIACSUNFIREL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin 4 2000SATURNLS SERIESL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2000SATURNLS1L4-2198cc 2.2L F/I Vin F 2000SATURNLW SERIESL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2001CHEVROLETCAMAROV8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin G 2001CHEVROLETCAVALIERL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin 4 2001CHEVROLETCORVETTEV8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin G 2001CHEVROLETCORVETTEV8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin S (Z06) 2001CHEVROLETPICKUP S10/T10L4-134ci 2.2L FLEX/FI Vin 5 2001GMCPICKUP SONOMA (S15/T15)L4-134ci 2.2L FLEX/FI Vin 5 2001ISUZUTROOPERV6-3475cc 3.5L F/I Vin 6VE1 2001PONTIACFIREBIRD FORMULAV8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin G 2001PONTIACSUNFIREL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin 4 2001SATURNLS SERIESL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2001SATURNLW SERIESL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2002CHEVROLETCAMAROV8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin G 2002CHEVROLETCAVALIERL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin 4 2002CHEVROLETCAVALIERL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2002CHEVROLETCAVALIERL4-134ci 2.2L BIFUEL/FI Vin 4 2002CHEVROLETCORVETTEV8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin G 2002CHEVROLETCORVETTEV8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin S (Z06) 2002CHEVROLETPICKUP S10/T10L4-134ci 2.2L FLEX/FI Vin 5 2002CHEVROLETTRAILBLAZERL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2002GMCENVOYL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2002GMCPICKUP SONOMA (S15/T15)L4-134ci 2.2L FLEX/FI Vin 5 2002OLDSMOBILEALEROL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2002OLDSMOBILEBRAVADAL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2002PONTIACFIREBIRDV8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin G 2002PONTIACGRAND AML4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2002PONTIACSUNFIREL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin 4 2002PONTIACSUNFIREL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2002SATURNL SERIESL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2002SATURNLW SERIESL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2002SATURNVUEL4-134ci 2.2L F/I 2003CHEVROLETCAVALIERL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2003CHEVROLETCORVETTEV8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin G 2003CHEVROLETCORVETTE Z06V8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin S (Z06) 2003CHEVROLETPICKUP S10/T10L4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin H 2003CHEVROLETTRAILBLAZERL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2003GMCENVOYL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2003GMCPICKUP SONOMA (S15/T15)L4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin H 2003ISUZUASCENDERL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2003OLDSMOBILEALEROL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2003OLDSMOBILEBRAVADAL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2003PONTIACGRAND AML4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2003PONTIACSUNFIREL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2003SATURNIONL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2003SATURNL SERIESL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2003SATURNLW SERIESL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2003SATURNVUEL4-134ci 2.2L F/I 2004BUICKRAINERL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2004CADILLACCTS VV8-346ci 5.7L F/I Vin S (V) 2004CHEVROLETCAVALIERL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2004CHEVROLETCLASSICL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2004CHEVROLETCOLORADOL4-169ci 2.8L F/I Vin 8 2004CHEVROLETCOLORADOL5-211ci 3.5L F/I Vin 6 2004CHEVROLETCORVETTEV8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin G 2004CHEVROLETCORVETTE Z06V8-350ci 5.7L F/I Vin S (Z06) 2004CHEVROLETMALIBUL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2004CHEVROLETMALIBUV6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin 8 2004CHEVROLETMALIBU MAXXV6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin 8 2004CHEVROLETTRAILBLAZERL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2004GMCCANYONL4-169ci 2.8L F/I Vin 8 2004GMCCANYONL5-211ci 3.5L F/I Vin 6 2004GMCENVOYL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2004ISUZUASCENDERL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2004OLDSMOBILEALEROL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2004OLDSMOBILEBRAVADAL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2004PONTIACGRAND AML4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2004PONTIACGTOV8-350ci 5.7L F/I 2004PONTIACSUNFIREL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2004SATURNIONL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2004SATURNL SERIESL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2004SATURNVUEL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2005BUICKRAINERL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2005BUICKTERRAZAV6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin L 2005CADILLACCTS VV8-346ci 5.7L F/I Vin S (V) 2005CHEVROLETCAVALIERL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2005CHEVROLETCLASSICL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2005CHEVROLETCOBALTL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2005CHEVROLETCOLORADOL4-169ci 2.8L F/I Vin 8 2005CHEVROLETCOLORADOL5-211ci 3.5L F/I Vin 6 2005CHEVROLETCORVETTEV8-364ci 6.0L F/I Vin U 2005CHEVROLETEQUINOXV6-207ci 3.4L F/I Vin F 2005CHEVROLETMALIBUL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2005CHEVROLETMALIBUV6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin 8 2005CHEVROLETMALIBU MAXXV6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin 8 2005CHEVROLETTRAILBLAZERL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2005CHEVROLETUPLANDERV6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin L 2005GMCCANYONL4-169ci 2.8L F/I Vin 8 2005GMCCANYONL5-211ci 3.5L F/I Vin 6 2005GMCENVOYL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2005ISUZUASCENDERL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2005PONTIACG6V6-211ci 3.5L F/I Vin 8 2005PONTIACGRAND AML4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2005PONTIACGRAND PRIXV8-325ci 5.3L F/I Vin C 2005PONTIACGTOV8-364ci 6.0L F/I Vin H 2005PONTIACMONTANAV6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin L 2005PONTIACPURSUIT (CAN)L4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2005PONTIACSUNFIREL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2005SAAB9 - 7xL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2005SATURNIONL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2005SATURNION-2L4-2198cc 2.2L F/I Vin F 2005SATURNION-3L4-2198cc 2.2L F/I Vin F 2005SATURNRELAYV6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin L 2005SATURNRELAY-3V6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin L 2005SATURNVUEL4-134ci 2.2L F/I 2006BUICKRAINERL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2006BUICKRENDEZVOUSV6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin L 2006BUICKTERRAZAV6-237ci 3.9L F/I Vin 1 2006BUICKTERRAZAV6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin L 2006CADILLACCTS VV8-364ci 6.0L F/I Vin U (V) 2006CHEVROLETCOBALTL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2006CHEVROLETCOBALT SSL4-145ci 2.4L F/I Vin B (SS) 2006CHEVROLETCOLORADOL4-169ci 2.8L F/I Vin 8 2006CHEVROLETCOLORADOL5-211ci 3.5L F/I Vin 6 2006CHEVROLETCORVETTEV8-364ci 6.0L F/I Vin U 2006CHEVROLETCORVETTE Z06V8-427ci 7.0L F/I Vin E (Z06) 2006CHEVROLETEQUINOXV6-207ci 3.4L F/I Vin F 2006CHEVROLETHHRL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin D 2006CHEVROLETHHRL4-145ci 2.4L F/I Vin P 2006CHEVROLETIMPALAV6-3490cc 3.5L F/I Vin N 2006CHEVROLETIMPALAV6-213ci 3.5L FLEX/FI Vin K 2006CHEVROLETIMPALAV6-237ci 3.9L F/I Vin 1 2006CHEVROLETIMPALA SSV8-325ci 5.3L F/I Vin C (SS) 2006CHEVROLETMALIBUL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2006CHEVROLETMALIBUV6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin 8 2006CHEVROLETMALIBU MAXXV6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin 8 2006CHEVROLETMALIBU MAXX SSV6-237ci 3.9L F/I Vin 1 (SS) 2006CHEVROLETMALIBU SSV6-237ci 3.9L F/I Vin 1 (SS) 2006CHEVROLETMONTE CARLOV6-3490cc 3.5L F/I Vin N 2006CHEVROLETMONTE CARLOV6-213ci 3.5L FLEX/FI Vin K 2006CHEVROLETMONTE CARLOV6-237ci 3.9L F/I Vin 1 2006CHEVROLETMONTE CARLO SSV8-325ci 5.3L F/I Vin C (SS) 2006CHEVROLETTRAILBLAZERL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2006CHEVROLETUPLANDERV6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin L 2006CHEVROLETUPLANDERV6-237ci 3.9L F/I Vin 1 2006GMCCANYONL4-169ci 2.8L F/I Vin 8 2006GMCCANYONL5-211ci 3.5L F/I Vin 6 2006GMCENVOYL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2006HUMMERH3L5-3460cc 3.5L F/I Vin 6 2006ISUZUASCENDERL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2006ISUZUPICKUP I-350L5-211ci 3.5L F/I Vin 6 2006PONTIACG6L4-2384cc 2.4L F/I Vin B 2006PONTIACG6V6-237ci 3.9L F/I Vin 1 2006PONTIACG6V6-214ci 3.5L F/I Vin 8 2006PONTIACGRAND PRIXV8-325ci 5.3L F/I Vin C 2006PONTIACGTOV8-364ci 6.0L F/I Vin U 2006PONTIACMONTANAV6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin L 2006PONTIACMONTANAV6-237ci 3.9L F/I Vin 1 2006PONTIACPURSUIT (CAN)L4-2198cc 2.2L F/I Vin F 2006PONTIACPURSUIT (CAN)L4-2384cc 2.4L F/I Vin B 2006PONTIACSOLSTICEL4-145ci 2.4L F/I Vin B 2006PONTIACTORRENTV6-207ci 3.4L F/I Vin F 2006SAAB9 - 7xL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2006SATURNIONL4-2384cc 2.4L F/I Vin B 2006SATURNIONL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin F 2006SATURNION-3L4-2198cc 2.2L F/I Vin F 2006SATURNRELAYV6-237ci 3.9L F/I Vin 1 2006SATURNRELAYV6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin L 2006SATURNRELAY-3V6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin L 2006SATURNVUEL4-134ci 2.2L F/I Vin D 2007BUICKRAINERL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2007BUICKRENDEZVOUSV6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin L 2007BUICKTERRAZAV6-237ci 3.9L FLEX/FI Vin W 2007BUICKTERRAZAV6-3880cc 3.9L f/i Vin 1 2007CADILLACCTS VV8-364ci 6.0L F/I Vin U (V) 2007CHEVROLETCOBALT SSL4-145ci 2.4L F/I Vin B (SS) 2007CHEVROLETCOLORADOL4-2921cc 2.9L F/I Vin 9 2007CHEVROLETCOLORADOL5-3654cc 3.7L F/I Vin E 2007CHEVROLETCORVETTEV8-364ci 6.0L F/I Vin U 2007CHEVROLETCORVETTEV8-7011cc 7.0L F/I Vin E (Z06) 2007CHEVROLETEQUINOXV6-207ci 3.4L F/I Vin F 2007CHEVROLETHHRL4-145ci 2.4L F/I Vin P 2007CHEVROLETIMPALAV6-213ci 3.5L FLEX/FI Vin K 2007CHEVROLETIMPALAV6-3880cc 3.9L F/I Vin R 2007CHEVROLETIMPALAV6-3490cc 3.5L F/I Vin N 2007CHEVROLETMALIBUV6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin N 2007CHEVROLETMALIBU MAXXV6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin N 2007CHEVROLETMALIBU MAXX SSV6-237ci 3.9L F/I Vin 1 (SS) 2007CHEVROLETMALIBU SSV6-237ci 3.9L F/I Vin 1 (SS) 2007CHEVROLETMONTE CARLOV6-213ci 3.5L FLEX/FI Vin K 2007CHEVROLETMONTE CARLOV6-3490cc 3.5L F/I Vin N 2007CHEVROLETTRAILBLAZERL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2007CHEVROLETUPLANDERV6-3880cc 3.9L f/i Vin 1 2007CHEVROLETUPLANDERV6-237ci 3.9L FLEX/FI Vin W 2007CHEVROLETUPLANDERV6-3880cc 3.9L FLEX/FI Vin 1 2007GMCCANYONL5-3654cc 3.7L F/I Vin E 2007GMCCANYONL4-2921cc 2.9L F/I Vin 9 2007GMCENVOYL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2007HUMMERH3L5-3654cc 3.7L F/I Vin E 2007ISUZUASCENDERL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2007ISUZUI-370L5-3654cc 3.7L F/I Vin E 2007PONTIACG5L4-145ci 2.4L F/I Vin B 2007PONTIACG6V6-237ci 3.9L F/I Vin 1 2007PONTIACG6V6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin N 2007PONTIACG6L4-2384cc 2.4L F/I Vin B 2007PONTIACMONTANAV6-237ci 3.9L F/I Vin 1 2007PONTIACSOLSTICEL4-145ci 2.4L F/I Vin B 2007PONTIACTORRENTV6-207ci 3.4L F/I Vin F 2007SAAB9 - 7xL6-256ci 4.2L F/I Vin S 2007SATURNAURAV6-213ci 3.5L F/I Vin N 2007SATURNIONL4-2384cc 2.4L F/I Vin B 2007SATURNRELAYV6-237ci 3.9L FLEX/FI Vin W 2007SATURNRELAYV6-237ci 3.9L F/I Vin 1 2007SATURNRELAY-1V6-3880cc 3.9L f/i Vin 1 2007SATURNRELAY-1V6-3880cc 3.9L FLEX/FI Vin W 2007SATURNRELAY-3V6-3880cc 3.9L f/i Vin 1 2007SATURNRELAY-3V6-3880cc 3.9L FLEX/FI Vin W 2007SATURNSKYL4-2384cc 2.4L F/I Vin B 2007SATURNVUEL4-145ci 2.4L ELECTRIC/F Vin Z 2007SATURNVUEL4-2198cc 2.2L F/I Vin D 2008CHEVROLETCOBALTL4-145ci 2.4L F/I Vin B (SPORT) 2008CHEVROLETCORVETTEV8-376ci 6.2L F/I Vin W 2008CHEVROLETCORVETTEV8-7011cc 7.0L F/I Vin E 2008CHEVROLETEQUINOXV6-207ci 3.4L F/I Vin F 2008CHEVROLETHHRL4-145ci 2.4L F/I Vin P 2008PONTIACTORRENTV6-207ci 3.4L F/I Vin F 2009CHEVROLETEQUINOXV6-207ci 3.4L F/I Vin F 2009PONTIACTORRENTV6-207ci 3.4L F/I Vin F

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    We strive for excellent customer service, if you lookup our Detailed Seller Ratings, you will notice we are in the TOP 5-10% of ratings.We didn't get this rating by not being customer service oriented. Our return policy is however, case by case. Please be patient and polite if you have an issue.

    Our Pictures

    We take great pride in taking studio shot pictures of our parts to make sure you can really see the awesome quality you are recieving when you order parts from us. If you see someone else using our picture, let us know! We want to let them know when to show up to court. It is a considerable business expense to rent studio time, hire a photographer, have the images proofed and resized, then publish them for your viewing. Our pictures are all copyrighted, if you steal them, you will be reported through and sued in small claims. I promise.

    All textlisting and images are copyright of Chandler Motorsports

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