Honda Civic 7th GEN Turbo Kit (Best Bolt-On Kit Made) Ships to USA Only for Sale

Price: $1,900

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**All brand new parts**

*No Chinese parts*

This is THE best kit ever made for 7th gen civic. The kit was originally designed and tested by Dezod Motorsports. A U.S.A. based company that did a lot of research and testing with their design. This kit was purchased directly from Dezod and still provide support for the system and basic mapping of the ecu. NO part was ever installed due to the fact that I totaled my car shortly after purchasing the kit. This kit is designed to give both hp and torque gains. Running the turbo at 7psi there is no major modification nessecary to the motor beside the parts in the kit according to Dezod. I held on to the kit for so long in hopes of buying another 7th gen civic but I just don't see it ever happening so instead of the boxes collecting dust forever, I've decided to just sell it off. All parts have been kept in original shipping boxes and in a dry environment. The kit was originally purchased for $4,500 with all the extra goodies. The Greddy plug and play is $700 alone. Unfortunately the kit was discontinued due to lack of demand to boost the 7th gen civic. However, any information you seek on the kit and installation can be found here written by

Parts list as follows:

Garrett T3/T4turbo
Dezod Motorsports Custom SS Log Style Manifold
Custom 2.5" Downpipe w/High Flow Cat & 02sensor capability**
TiAL Or GReddy Billet BOV
TiAL 38mm Wastegate w/ style="box-sizing: w/ Custom end tanks
Stainless Steel Charge Piping-Custom Made
Most Fittings, Hoses,Gaskets& Clamps
Synapse Engineering ML

Greddy E-Manage

RSX-S Injectors

Positive Crankcase Ventilation system

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