Ford 7.3 7.3L Diesel Glowplugs Glow Plugs 1988-1994 F350 F250 (Set of 8) for Sale

Price: $50

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Premium Wellmanself regulating glow plugs. (this listing is for the set of eight).

Bynow, most Americans shouldknow,get what you pay for. We have no problems with others selling their products cheap, they know what theirstuff is worth!

These plugs fitFord (Indirect injection) Turbo or Non-Turbo.

We do offerglow plugs for the1995 andlater 7.3Lasseparate listing. (for Powerstroke, direct injection engines).

These plugs are made to work with the factory glow plug relay/timer.

These updated plugsoffer a weather starting. They get100 degrees hotter and do it in 20% less time than the OEM Plugs.

For you Push-button users: Maximum firing time is 7 seconds with a full 2 second rest between firings.

Check out the test resultsin the side by side comparison testpictures. (The Wellman plug is on the Right)The plugs were new, both powered from the same battery at the same time, with thesame sizewire.-- look at the difference!

These plugsnoticeably improve cold weather starting!

In addition, the seal that holds the combustion chamber pressure back incorporates an “o” ring instead of just the clamped metal-to-metal seal as on the OEM plug. This means increased durability and the elimination of combustion seepage through the plug housings.

Wellman has put considerable design effort into these new plugsto ensure that they not only start better, life. Special attention has been paid to the plugtips in order to minimizepotential swelling that can occur as the plugs age. Some lesserplugs can swell so big at the tip that they won't come back out of the head, that's a problem you don't need.

Cross: Ford F2TZ12A342A,Motorcraft ZD9, Autolite 1108, Champion 184, AC 32G

Tested two times at the factory before shipping.

Pricing is for the complete set of 8.

Made in Shelbyville, Indiana, USA Warranted by Wellman Automotive Productsfor one full year. Check out our response! People love our products and service!

NOTE: Wellman now markets and boxes their productunder the "Diesel Rx" brand.

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