ETS Direct Fit Intercooler Upgrade Dodge Neon SRT-4 ETS_SRT4_DFI for Sale

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ETS Direct Fit Intercooler Upgrade Dodge Neon SRT-4

The ETS Neon SRT4 Direct Fit Intercooler is a great upgrade for those who wish to add performance and reliability to their vehicle, and still retain the safety of the factory crash beam. This intercooler utilizes a high flowing, high efficiency, ETS E-Flow bar and plate core. These cores have specifically engineered internal to external fin density ratio, so as to provide low backpressure, high efficiency, and good airflow to the radiator. Like all of our cores, the unit is vacuum brazed, and pressure tested to be 100% leak free, and carries a lifetime warranty to the original owner. Complementing the core, are durable, hand crafted tapered end tanks. These tanks are double welded inside and out, and the tube to tank junction is hand ported for smooth airflow in and out of the intercooler. Finishing off the tubes are bead rolled ends so you will never blow a hose off. The tanks are welded to the cores utilizing the latest in Tig welding technology, and all units must pass strict quality checks at every point during the manufacturing process.

Performance gains with this intercooler are considerable--you will see less pressure drop, and far lower charge air temps than stock. The lower pressure drop will allow for quicker spool up, lower EGTs, less exhaust and intake backpressure, lower turbo outlet temps, and increased turbo life. All of this is because the turbo will not work as hard, for a given amount of boost. As the low pressure loss itself is a good benefit, the real gains come from the high efficiency of the core. The main benefit of the E-Flow core is that it has ultra fine internal fins that are offset and staggered every ¼” of core length, and 3/16” of core width. As the air flows through this fin pack, it is split 1000’s of times in each tube, this allows more air molecules to contact the internal fins, which in turn transfer the heat to the external fins, where they are cooled by the ambient (outside) air. This type of fin pack is very, very efficient, and because it does not induce turbulence, the airflow through the core is still very high.

The reason that cool charge air is so important to your engine is that cold air makes more power. This is because the cold air is dense, and the denser the air, the more oxygen it has in it, and the more oxygen that gets into the engine, the more power it will have. Typically, there is a 1.5% power increase for every 10deg colder the air gets. So if your car is making 300hp, and we reduce the air temp by 30deg, you will see a gain of 13.5hp. This is all at the same boost with all other things being equal. The second benefit of cold air is that it allows the engine to run more boost without knocking (detonation). With the stock intercooler, you can only run about 18psi before the engine starts picking up knock. If the engine knocks for any length of time, damage to the pistons and bearings will occur. To prevent detonation, the vehicle has a knock sensor, when the knock sensor detects detonation it will retard ignition timing. This will prevent engine damage, but will greatly reduce power. Typically when the computer senses knock, it will pull 3-10deg timing and this will reduce power by up to 25hp. If your car seems to go flat above 18psi, and you have the stock intercooler, it is likely that the computer is pulling timing. Through the cold charge air of the E-Flow core, the knocking is eliminated. To make good power the engine cannot knock, and one of the best ways to prevent knock and increase power is to feed the engine cool, dense air. This is exactly what all ETS intercoolers are designed to do, and they do it very well.


Core Info:

  • Core Size: 24" x 6.5" x 3.5"
  • Flow: 660cfm @ 1.5psi
  • 440hp Rating
  • Efficiency: 78% (at max flow)

SRT Specific Data:

  • Flow: 660cfm @ 1.5psi
  • 440hp Rating
  • Efficiency: 78%

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