Chevrolet Cobalt SS 2005-2007 Vibrant Header and downpipe with Catalytic Conv for Sale

Price: $410

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On sale! These used to cost $569 but we've put them on sale and have limited quantities left. If you've ever wanted to get one, now is the time!

Want to improve the performance of your 05-07 Cobalt SS? Vibrant has come out with a high quality, stainless steel, 4 into 2 into 1 header WITH down pipe with cat that will do exactly that.

This piece is constructed with polished stainless steel, and has thick flanges that mate to the head, smooth piping transitions, clean ports that mate perfectly to the flanges, and a high flow race catalytic converter.

Vibrant paired this header with their high flow line of catalytic converter onto the down pipe to reduce some of the raspiness. This allows you to gain even more power, while keeping your car emissions legal.

Expect to gain a pound or two of extra boost from this high flow header and cat unit, as well as an extra 8-12 hp over the stock header.

This header also fits the 2.2/2.4L Cobalt if your car does not have the SAI (Secondary Air Injection) Please check to make sure you do not have SAI before you order, as returns will not be accepted for this reason. SAI came on some 2006 Cobalts and all 2007 Cobalts. 2.2/2.4L Cobalts from 2005-2006.5 production date should not have SAI (please check yours, before you order to make sure).

This header does not come with a new exhaust manifold gasket. You can order a new one from your local auto parts store, or from GM if you wish. Most people just reuse the factory steel gasket when they install this header.

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