Champion GN1 Aluminum Heads for Sale

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Champion Racing Heads 14 bolt GN1 aluminum heads.These heads were sent to Precision Turbo & Engine in 2002, they were repaired (had hairline crack under outer head bolts) and ported by Dan Strezo (Now owns his own business DLS), have receipt. The work was guaranteed and I have not hadany problems, at all, ever since. I rarely have driven the car, since 1996 I have driven it 25k, the heads have seen approx. 15k miles. The valve springs are for a Hyd. roller cam, 140 seat pressure. You can see from the pics how much they were ported by Dan, they flat-out breath air. Purchaser is required to have the decks milled to restore perfect trueness andgive them that as-new mirror finish (any used aluminumheadrequires this IMO).If you are running a35 psi race car, buy new heads, if you are running a fast 20-22psi street car,used GN1heads, even the older ones, will work just fine.Will only ship to lower 48.

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