AED 850 CFM HO-Series Double Pumper Carburetor 4BBL Mechanical Secondaries 850HO for Sale

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AED 850cfm HO-Series Double Pumper Carburetorw/ Mechanical Secondaries

The "HO-Series" was designed with the Pro-Street and bracket racer in mind featuring clean idle, crisp throttle response, and killer acceleration. These carburetors are equally at home on the street or race track and should be in stock at a performance dealer near you. "HO Carburetors" are available in 650, 750, 850, 950, 1000 double pumper models currently and feature:

  • Milled Choke Tower or HP Body for Balanced Air Flow
  • Non-Stick Bowl & Metering Gaskets
  • Dual Accelerator Pumps
  • Aluminum Bowls with Large Sight Glass
  • Four Corner Idle Circuitry for Driveability
  • All Fuel Circuits Balanced & Calibrated for Power
  • Hi-Flow Metering Blocks & Boosters
  • Dual Vacuum Ports
  • Adjustable Idle Bleeds

"HO"s are designed for single four barrel normally aspirated engines. AED also offer Blower, Tunnel Ram, & Marine versions to meet all your needs. Don't let the low price fool you, the "HO" carburetor does everything a carburetor is supposed to do, but better! All AED Carburetors are run, adjusted, and tuned on a test engine before shipping to assure the utmost in quality control.Call us at 1-800-296-9844before ordering so we can help you determine which carburetor is best for your application.

If you have additional questions you can call us at 1-800-296-9844 we will be glad to assist you anyway we can.

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