8 x Premium Xenon White LED Lights Interior Package Kit for Toyota Corolla for Sale

Price: $14

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**Don't get stuck with the cheap ones!

Our LED lights are made of brighter premium SMD chips which have longer lifespan compared to Bright LED lights

This sale features an interior LED Package deal for 2000-2014 Toyota Corolla. The Package includes 8 pieces LED bulbs for the following:

  • Map light (2 pieces)
  • Dome light (1 piece)
  • License plate light (2 pieces)
  • Trunk/Cargo area (1 piece)
  • Spare light(2 pieces)

All LED bulbs are 100% plug and play, with no modification needed.

    • Ultra Bright LED, unique and more vivid color
    • Low Power Consumption and Low Temperature
    • Long-lasting Life - 50000 working hours
    • Easy installation, just plug & play
    • Faster on/off response time and vibration resistant
    • If the LED does not light up, simply flip it 180 degrees (reverse the polarity) style="text-align: left;">

      ***Comparing other similar LEDs on , our unique LEDsproduce intense light over a large area. Unlike others, ourhigh qualityLEDs have matching color and will NOT fade or turn yellowish over time. Moreover, the LEDs will not burn your stock wires nor melt the lamp covers.

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