46 bulbs, fuses 6 volt custom kit, Ford,Mercury 1935-55 - rare 6 volt bulb kit for Sale

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46 bulbs, fuses 6 volt custom kit, Ford,Mercury 1935-55 - rare 6 volt bulb kit!!

Hard to find 6 volt bulbs
46 pieces including 30 fuses and
over 15 bulbs from the factory manuals .

Weask for your applicationto double check before we ship!This handy bulb kit is for your year and model! This custom bulb kit fits Mercury 1936 to 1955
also Ford 1935 to 1955

This kit is designed to replace all the exterior and interior small bulbs in your Mercury
(note: the headlight bulbs are not included)
The bulb kit is for your Mercury while the 30 fuses is a general assortment from one to thirty-five amps for most cars.
Save yourself the grief of trying to read the part number on your old bulbs or
the nearly impossible job of finding a manual that lists these numbers.
note that all of these bulbs are for a 6 volt system, if you are converting to a 12 volt system, see our other sales

2 Parking
2 Turn Signal
2 Taillight
2 Stoplight
2 Step or Courtesy *
Brake Signal*

Directional Signal*
Hi beam indicator*
License plate
misc. bulbs

*if equipped
with this bulb

  • contains all the lamps and bulbs to replace the standard and most factory custom models as documented by the factory parts manuals.
  • all bulbs are factory fresh, and are in a plastic bag
  • the bulbs come from world-wide suppliers
  • for all applications, the most popular bulbs are supplied
  • The headlight, and any nonstandard bulb (such as integral flashing) are not included
  • To avoid any errors, and unpleasant surprises, it is our policy to double check with you for the proper application.
  • We will ask for the year and model of your car to guarantee you will receive the correct bulbs.
  • We have a 90 day "no questions asked" return policy and we maintain a record of your purchase for five years!

  • the fuse assortment is the most commonly replaced sizes as recommended by the manufacturer.
    the assortment includes:

    1 of AGC 1 amp.... 1 of AGC 2 amp.. 1 of AGC 3 amp.
    2 of AGC 10 amp.. 2 of AGC 5 amp.. 2 of AGC 7 1/2
    3 of AGC 15 amp.. 5 of SFE 14 amp. 5 of SFE 20 amp.
    2 of AGC 25 amp.. 1 of AGC 35 amp 2 of AGC 20 amp.
    2 of AGC 30 amp.. 1 of SFE 30 amp..
    All fuses areBuss brand!!
    Each fuse box is clearly marked with the contents. Fits the following years: 35 1935 36 1936 37 1937 38 1938 39 1939 40 1940 41 1941 42 1942 43 1943 44 1944 45 1945 46 1946 47 1947 48 1948 49 1949 50 1950 51 1951 52 1952 53 1953 54 1954 55 1955

    In any correspondance please be specific and include our # EE4028

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