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Sonic Deer Whistle

Color: BLACK

*Alerts Animals & Sends'em Running,..works on more than just deer.

*Wind Activated

*Effective up to 1/4 mile

*Provides Safety

*Just Peel & Stick

*Cars, Truck, Vans, Motorcycles

*Emits ultrasonic sound waves inaudible to humans.

*Starts to whistle at 35mph

Assembly Notes: A few things are important to mention. The surface should be cleaned. This means free of any scale, debris, paint flake, mold, dust, dirt, etc. The surface should be smooth as glass.

No missing paint, pitted, etc. The temperature should be above 55 degrees for at least 24-48hrs. prior to installation. The humidity should be low. If you are within the temperature range but at the lower end, you may want to do the following, if the sun is out allow the set to warm on the hood or if not blast the heater and put the set near the vent.

Warming the adhesive backer will make for a better bond. It's obvious though, don't get too carried away and monitor the progress by feel. These adhesive backers are a lot like paint, they need optimal conditions for optimal results.

What are the plastic keys?

The plastic keys unlock the base.

Is there assembly required?

Yes, The parts slide together in a forced fit. Most of the work is already done. Now in some instances you may either require or decide to use crazy glue, model glue, or silicone. Some are very tight right out of the package, some may feel loose. I think it's a good idea for just a dab of crazy glue at the seams. My thinking on this is engine vibration, pot holes, etc. Less is more, you need very little. It's just a suggestion, but I did this on my set and it works great.

GOOD LUCK > Get out the way Mr. Deer!

Disclaimer: Color is subjective, we are not responsible for an individuals interpretation.

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