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2pc Sonic Deer Whistle_Get Out The Way Humane_Effective_Property Protection for Sale

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2pc Sonic Deer Whistle_Get Out The Way Humane_Effective_Property Protection

Price: $3

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Sonic Deer Whistle

Color: BLACK

*Alerts Animals & Sends'em Running,..works on more than just deer.

*Wind Activated

*Effective up to 1/4 mile

*Provides Safety

*Just Peel & Stick

*Cars, Truck, Vans, Motorcycles

*Emits ultrasonic sound waves inaudible to humans.

*Starts to whistle at 35mph

Disclaimer: Color is subjective, we are not responsible for an individuals interpretation.

Notes of interest: Recently I was asked what the plastic keys are for? Wanting a set myself and answering the question at the same time made good sense. I removed a set from the package and assembled it. I found the key unlocked the base section by sliding it into the slot.

On my set I also found that while these are easy to assemble,...they are also easy to disassemble. On my set I fixed this easily with just a dab of crazy glue at the assembly seams. You may want to do something similar just so motor vibration isn't a problem. Crazy glue, clear silicone, or model glue.

It's up to you but I did iton my set. If you do this don't use so much adhesive that you clog the whistle. Less is more, just a dab will do.

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