Back In stock Tesla Model S,3,X “Sentry Mode Activated” Decals Set of 2. Clear. for Sale

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Don’t let your car be vandalized or broken into! Set of 2 -2016-2019 Tesla Model S,3,X “Sentry Mode Enabled” Clear Vinyl Decals. Small decals to be placed in the window of your Tesla. This Price/Order is for a pair (2) of decals with free shipping inside the USA. Decals cannot be returned once sticker is applied to any surface.

White font and Sentry Icon with clear/transparent background looks great on every color and model of Tesla. Made for car windows or inside dash that shows out the window (see Pic). Especially those back windows thieves keep breaking into in those articles on the internet.

Just wait until someone approaches your car, reads the decal, and then looks into your car to be recorded on Sentry Mode. Please post those videos or pics in our reviews. Thanks

Thank you for your order. IF YOU SEND ME PICTURES OF THE DECALS ON YOUR TESLA (to use in my ad) THAN I WILL SEND YOU A FREE SET OF DECALS. Maximum of one extra set per customer for this type of help! Get an extra set in case you damage, tear or something happens to your existing pair!

ALSO if you share my ad in any Tesla related groups I will send you an additional pair as well. Limit one extra set of decals for this type of sharing. Send a screen shot for proof, lol.

Potential is to get 2 extra sets. It may come in handy if you ever buy a new Tesla. (We all know we are going to be repeat Tesla customers)

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