2 NEW D1S 8000k Factory OEM HID Replacement Xenon Headlight Light Bulbs - D for Sale

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D1S / D1R HIDXenonLight Bulbs

This listing featuresBrandNewD1S / D1R HID Replacement Bulbs. Whyhave the dealer charge an outrageousprice for OEMreplacements? These bulbs will save you money andwe still provide a two year warranty!

HID (High Intensity Discharge) refers to lighting technology that relies on an electrical charge toignite xenon gas contained in a sealed bulb. A normalhalogen bulb uses a filament which can burn out in as little as 200 hours. HID bulbs are gas filled capsules that are rated for a lifespan of nearly 2500 hours. HID bulbs alsoshine much brighter due to this technology.


  • Mode: D1C - Fits D1S and D1R
  • Output: 12V 35W
  • Life Expectancy - 2500 Hours
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Content2x Xenon D1 HID Bulbs (Color Listed in Title)

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