1974 Pontiac GTO 73 74 Ventura 491126 NOS Grille Header Panel Arrowhead Emblem for Sale

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This a VERY rarebrand new NOS set of PontiacGrillefront header panelornament, arrowhead emblem #491126.This is,as best as I can tell, is used on the1974, GTO and 73 and 74 pontiac Venturas. I sold this to a guy two weeks ago who apparently does not know what it means when it says in, CAPITAL leters, it is your responsibiltyto make sure that it will work for your project. I guess Ihave to write it again becauseonce is notenough. (Nobody takes responsibilty for their actions anymore).Anyway the person who dident read it, tells me that itwill not fita 74 GTO. when I bought it off of I was told it works on the 74GTO so I took that at face value. Since I refunded that guy his moneyI have done research and from what I found this part number superceded the original number that came on the car. I asked him why it dident work and got no answer. Sometimes when GM superceded a part they may change something slightly which may be the case but I cant look at one on a car because I sold all my cars.So there you go, thats my disclaimer.This is the arrowhead emblem that goes in the front header panel dead center between the two grilles. ThisisSHOULD befor74 Pontiac GTO. Itmayalso work onolder PontiacVenturasaswell as, any other pontiac you may want to putit on. You most likley not find another NOS one of these anywhere so jump on it. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILTY MAKE SURE THATIT WILL WORK FOR YOURPROJECT.PLEASE make sureIt will.I bought this and a bunch of other parts to useon a couplePontiac 74 GTOprojects butIdident have the time to restore the cars so I sold them. Ijust sold the last ofSeven cars.Now this and a bunch of other74 GTOand 69 thru 74 nova stuff thathas to go. Take a look at all the other74 GTOand other Novastuff that has to go as well. I reserve the right to end the sale early becauseit isfor sale locally. However I will not end the sale if there is a offer on them.Please be patient if asking questions as it might take me a little time to respond. I only check them late at night.Thisis sold as is.shipping calculator is an estimate only. It will befigured at end of sale.If its less you will be refunded.Shipping is in the usa only. Please be aware that I try to get parts out the next day, but can take up to three days. Thank you for looking.

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