@Rebuild Existing Cadillac Allante Convertible Top Pull Down Motor CORE REQIURED for Sale

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ATM'sstandard rebuilt pull down service at agreat pricefor your existing original Allante convertible top pull down term electronic reliability available to the industryand will far exceed any salvage yard replacement!

One of our most popularrequestsyour existing pull downwill berebuilt to be rocksolid for years of extremeclimate conditionsand shipped back to you within 2-3 business days using USPS 2 day priority mail withFREE RETURN SHIPPING! We apologize forthe back order ofthese units as the cores are rareand almost impossible to keep in stock. Structurally broken plasticpartsor latches beyond repairwillbe an additional chargeto coverreplacement part cost.

If your pull down is not workingor experiencing intermittent operation before you start slamming the lid to bypass the problem take advantage of this limited time offer to refurbish your originalpull down and put and end to the revolving door of salvage yard and incomplete rebuilt replacements. Slamming thetrunk will only crush the many plastic discontinued parts in the unit and eventuallysnap the motorfrom thebracket leaving you with an expensive scrapped unitand alid that will not close.

IMPORTANT!This sale is for rebuilding of your existing Cadillac Allante convertible top pull down unit. You must have a unit to send for rebuilding. Core address information will be sent after checkout.

Purchaseswith nocommunication will causeaservice delay or return.

Save Yourself from thePlight of Failures and Give YourFine GMClassic Car the Investment it Deserves

The classic "old school" GM engineering behind thesepull down unitswill getveryunpredictable after many years of heavy use and extreme climate conditionsbecause theseunitsare in need of complete overhaul at this point in time. Salvage units are experiencingshorter life spansas the80's and 90's Caddysare surpassingclassic status.Iwould liketo help you with making a wise investment. As alicensed aircraft mechanic andfounder of Autotrunkmotor with currentlyhundreds ofour units in the field installed in allthe vehiclemodels thatwere engineered withautomatic trunk lidsin the 80's and 90's including Cadillac, Buick, Firebird, Camaro, and Lincoln I have meticulously rebuilt all of the core electronic components for thepull downunits.This isa high enddetailed refurbishment aseach motor andrelated electronic partshave been deconstructed. Bad diodes are replaced and all internal wear parts are inspected/refurbished or replaced and thenhand builtto createa factory new reliabilitythat willpleasethe trueauto enthusiast.Thereverse switch is rebuilt andcustom tailored to fit the year of your car. Each assembly is load tested 5 cycles for operational and structural integrity.The units arepacked with new high quality NLGI 2, full synthetic, lithium greasethat matchesOEM appearance and standardswhileimproving performance, longevity and durability using modern day technology (equivalent to GM 9985254). General purpose white lithium grease is not recommended if you are lookingto match the maintenance free OEM standardsrequired in the original GM grease.While itprovides a suitable alternativethe greasehas a much lower drop point temperature, anddesigned for applicationswhere more routine maintenanceis performed.Evaporation occursin a smaller time frame requiring the unit to be cleaned and lubed at shorter intervals.Degradation resistance to extreme climate conditions will also be decreased, especially in higher humidity and temperature ranges. Some of the more aggressiveindustrial grades ofgreasecan act as a corrosive agenttoward plastic parts so always be careful when choosing a grease. Red wheel bearing grease is designed to be effective at high temperature, pressure and RPM ranges. The additives used in this type of grease causes stiffening, especially during extreme cold temperatures.

Astandard photo is used as an example of what your unit will look like after rebuild.

Before you decide to purchase a used pull down please take the timetoread some units pulled from these cars are over 20 years old andthe motor and electronics packageneeds to beoverhauled if you want to enjoyfactory new reliability again. After15 yearsof extreme climate conditionsthe original GM grease turns into afriction inducingsticky pastecausing the unitto structurallydestroy itself with each cycle. When these units are pulled from junk cars thediode module,wiring harness and electronic positioning switchesareoften subjected to filthy conditions and raw weather between the original car and the seller andalmost alwayscontain hidden internalissues. The internal parts on the motor andelectronic componentsusually have very high milegeandthey need tobedeconstructed, meter testedandcarefully inspected forwear, internal shorts, bad diodes, corrosion issues, burning, cracks and the list goes on and on....

If the electronics package and motor in theseunits are not rebuilt at this point in it's life cyclecontinued neglecthas provento be ongoing. The unit will run slower and slower experiencingintermittent issues during cycles and either shut down, orthe motor will not shut offat the end ofa cyclestripping the gear nutand leaving you with the high cost of replacing expensive discontinued hard parts. There are long term advantagesthat come withrebuildingthe original GM motor andelectrical partsas manufacturing companies often design and marketcheaper replacementsspecifically engineered for volume sales. If you arelooking fora pull down thatwill last for a long time please be very careful when purchasing a used unit.While not all salvage companies are deceptive and crooked the purchase will carysome risk and require sortingthrough listings thatmay offer customerslow pricescombined withvery little information about the part,or what type of refurb work has been done to the unit. Embellishedoperational integrity is acommon sellingpitch used in the salvage industry.Thereare good benefits that come frommaking articulate decisionswhen purchasing an advertisedrebuilt pull down as the workmanship is not always complete. Examine the pictures and read the words carefully to see how much has been actually invested into the rebuild. Is there visual evidence of electrical work applied to the unit? Are any electrical parts cleaned andmeter tested? Is the motorand reverse switch professionally overhauled andrigged? Take the time to check with the seller asthe pictures are sometimesgeneric with recycled descriptions and may not bethe actualpart that you will receive.It's important to beaware of the level of rebuild with your purchase for proper appraisal.In some casesnew grease of any type isspread over top of the filthy,original petrified grease leaving atacky mess thatmoves toexasperatethe problem.Mixing grease from different manufacturers is not recommended.Inother cases the actual motors are not rebuilt at all.Checkif the coreelectronic parts arespecifically stated as rebuilt in the listing as often these parts have notbeendeconstructed and refurbishedin the rebuild process.Sometimessellers do notperformelectrical rebuildingon theirunitsand mayhave chosennotto invest the longer term life spaninto the product. Possiblyfor a lower grade pricing option or quicker turn times.The presence of theoriginal dull, bronze colored, machine fasteners on the reverse switch will disclose that the part was not rebuilt and rigged. This part also hasa solid state diodeinside that needs to be checked for leakage.Thisis one of many examples thatcritical electricalpartsonly tested as an assemblyto be "working" or "not working"will carrythe same riskofpremature failure andintermittentproblems as anysalvageunit would. Before youspendtop dollaron alistedrebuilt pull downit would besage adviceto take a close look at the picturesor use a little discernment. In my experience faultyelectronicshas beena big culpritresulting ina no response fault, stripped gear nut, burned out diodesand other broken internal motor parts.A professional rebuild is importantwith the level of electronic complexity in the design sotaking the timetoreview therebuild practiceswill definitely reap a longer term reward.Pull downsarenotcost effective if youkeep replacing the units withsalvaged or incomplete rebuildsin a continual pattern.Withoutsolid verification as towhatparts wereactually rebuiltit's very easy tofind yourselfspendingextra moneyona rebuilt pull downthatisnothing more thana cleaned and greased motor housing with questionable salvage yard electronics. Agood quality rebuild isdetailed right down to the core electrical elements that will return thepull downtothenew operational the factory and willprovide you with a "One Stop Solution"for your powered trunk. Autotrunkmotor isfocused onhigh qualitystandards while delivering customers over the top installation and tech support that you can onlyget from an exclusivepull down repair outfit. In the world of overhaul, custom rebuilding your original equipment alwaysdelivers much better warranties and there are no high core costs to contend with in pricing.

I have found rebuilding the original style roundmotors or GM Delphi interior motors to be the best long term choiceassome aftermarket "rectangular shaped motor and housing replacement designs" incorporates a very poor grease seal and the motors are getting fouled out with grease blow-by over time. Theengineering appears to be bias and moremotivated by companies driven to sell replacement motors every so many years. It is highly recommended torefrain from jumping wires to get these units to respond as therearefragile diodes in the circuit that willbe destroyedif it receives the wrong input. Customer testimonies have proven that installingsalvage yard parts, and wholeunits has ended in failures multiple times. Eachunit comes with a1 yearno hassle service warranty. All core return customers will receive 1 year of extended service coverage.Service warranties are good for USAcoast to coastsales only and buyer is responsible for return shipping. All partsexcept the housing, gear and guidesare listed as serviceable used. Warranties do not coverbroken partsfrom improper installation, auto collisions or structural anomalies with the vehicle. If at any time after the warranty period youneed any assistance with yourpull theinformation on your invoice slip ascustomer support is ongoing and wewillassistour loyal customersfor the life of ownership.

IMPORTANT!Core address information will be sent after checkout.

Purchaseswith nocommunication will causeaservice delay or return.

Purchase comes with a 1yearno hassle service warranty!

Warranties donot cover damaged housingsand broken parts from improper installation or structural anomalies with the vehicle. (See installation warning below!)

Attention International Customers: /PayPal charges 15% of the extra shipping cost so a handling fee is added to cover that cost.

This is a great opportunity toget your top working like newwith out the revolving door of salvage yard replacements and the $180 price tag and enjoy piece of mindfor the life of vehicle ownership!

Installation Warning! Please be sure you mount these units in the car with the same adjustment the factory has. Overtightening can cause structural failureand may void the warranty. If you don't have an original to go by, start by mounting it (centered to the striker) high and loose and go down from there in small increments until the hatch meets the weather seal evenly when the unit stops. You will hear a click and the motor should shut off right after the hatch lid puts a light squeeze on the rubber weather seal. This will also insure a much longer life of the pull down unit. Warranties donot cover damaged housings from improper installation or structural anomalies with the vehicle.

Thank you fortakingthe time to readmy sale! Your patience will help you enjoy the benefits of making long term decisions with yourpull down.

Thedesign is intendedto offer my skillsto providea helpful and informative resource for making a pull downinvestment that will last for the life of vehicle ownership.

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