Supersprint Tubular Stepped Headers - E46 M3 Z4 M Coupe/Roadster for Sale

Price: $2000.00

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Supersprint E46 M3 -- 'stepped' design headers in very good condition
We ship worldwide - please contact us for a quote.-----------Experience the latest design innovation from Supersprint for the E46 M3 -- 'stepped' design headers. While the technology has been in widespread use in Formula 1 for awhile, this is the first application of a stepped design on the E46 M3 and Z4 M Coupe/Roadster. In an engine that is tuned as much as the S54, airflow management is critical in getting big horsepower numbers from the exhaust. The Supersprint design is the next step in innovation in header design. By slightly increasing the size of the pipe diameters as the exhaust system moves away from the engine, the exhaust can flow more air. Supersprint design is tuned specifically for the S54 engine which is important in making more power without losing low-end torque. The headers merge into a precision-fit merge collector. Total horsepower gain with the complete system over a US Vehicle would be more than 30 hp.
15-19 hp gain over 'Euro-style' headersfull stepped tubular and equal length headersbolts to the engine with factory hardware and gasketsused with Supersprint stepped section 1 (with or without cats)

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