Plate Cover+Lens for Toll/Red Light/Speed Camera Blocker Protector- OVER 3K SOLD for Sale

Price: $25.99

Cover+Lens Built in againstRed Light/Speed Cameras

Please note, this listing is for 1 cover. Should you need for 2 license plates, please order quantity 2.


Featured on Inside Edition

With over 5 million people watching Inside Edition every week, it's no surprise they came to us when doing a piece on how consumers can save money by protecting against red light and speed cameras with our covers.

Can I still see my license plate?

Yes, if you are looking at the license plate from a straight on position the license plate is clear and readable.

Positive Feedback from buyers

As you can see on our store feedback, our items work. We have 100's of buyers to vouch for our items and sold over 3,000 pieces so far (and counting!).

So how does it work?

Glad you asked!Our distorter lens is made of a plastic that changes the way objects appear behind it when looked upon from an angle -it's a diffusionallens to be exact!

But what does that mean for you?

Violation issuing cameras are mounted on poles and angled downwards;they will not be able to clearly read your license plate number and issue you a violation.

Not like the other guys

Don't let the other sellers fool you with stock images like the ones above. We show our products on real cars, on real license plates, no photoshop like everyone else. With us, what you see is what you'll get. There's a reason we're eBay's #1 seller for this product.

Want to know what else our item has that other sellers don't have?

Quality. All our covers are made of a crystal clear plastic that is treated with a UV protectant, meaning your cover will not turn yellow and murkyover time, saving you money again.

Please note, this listing is for 1 cover. Should you need for 2 license plates, please order quantity 2.

Our product will protect you from red-light cameras and speeding cameras.

We have put a lot of time into testing our product to make sure it stands up for what it claims. So rest assured you will be receiving a product that works.

If you'd like to purchase the cover with a black frame, please select "with frame" in the color section.

Some things to understand before buying; this is a plastic license plate cover with a lens inside, it will be seen a bit when it is attached to your license plate. If it were completely see through then it would not work, it has distorting properties so it is visible to a minimal extent. However, we have designed it and placed it in a way that when you look at it directly it is relatively hard to notice it. (If you have any issues or questions about this, reach out to us so we can avoid confusion)

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Our process is quick and easy. You simply attach the cover to your front or rear license plate and there you have it! Ready to go!

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Shipping upgrade?

Yes!!! Buy 4 or more covers, get your shipping upgraded to Priority free of charge to you.


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