ONLY Lens for License Plate Cover against Red Light and Speeding Camera for Sale

Price: $12.99

Please be aware, this is for the lens only. It will not include license plate cover!Purchase Your ANTI-PHOTO Lens Today! Our product will protect you from red-light cameras and speeding cameras. We have put a lot of time into testing our product to make sure it stands up for what it claims. So rest assured you will be receiving a product that works. Product dimensions: length: 11in x height: 3inThis small form factor perfectly covers just the letters on your license plate. Description of Photos: 1. Indicates our Scamera Distorter during the day time. This is how it will look like when viewed at an angle.2. This is what our Scamera Distorter will look like when flash is applied it. Cameras will always issue a flash when taking a picture of your license plate.3. The actual product you will receive. Installation:Our process is quick and easy. We have pre-glued clear 3M tape on one side of our product. Then attach it to your desired license plate cover. PLEASE NOTE: The red lines on the photos is the tape. Once you remove the red, the tape is clear and you can attach to the cover If you have any questions about our product or want to see more, message us or visit us at

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