New carbon fiber flat sports steering wheel for Toyota GR supra A91 A90 20+ for Sale

Price: $969.0

New carbon fiber flat sports steering wheel frame for Toyota GR supra A91 A90 20+ Support the customization of Toyota full range of models Brand new carbon fiber skeleton Black Alcantara + white stitching stitching (ergonomic)white back to the topAlcantara button frameMotorsports flat-bottom design frees up leg space decoration: Suitable for GR Supra Supra 20+This order only has products shown in pictures, which can be purchased directly. Customization is not supportedSupport options: buttons, original factory/carbon fiber shift paddles, airbag cover, airbag, support new and old modification.Installation level: easy; but we recommend that customers find local professionals for installation to avoid unnecessary trouble. The order includes the carbon fiber steering wheel frame (just including: brand new carbon fiber frame, return belt at 12 o'clock, hand-punched leather + hand-sewn). Support the transfer of original steering wheel buttons, paddles, airbags (housing), etc. to the customized steering wheel (for special features, please contact us for confirmation before customization). It is recommended for professionals to install. The order supports the customization of carbon fiber steering wheels for all series of BMW models. If you need customization, please contact us to design and recalculate the price discount. The store supports the customization of carbon fiber custom steering wheels for all series models, including but not limited to: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Cadillac, etc.; payment 1. We accept Paypal payment. 2. The payment is valid for 7 working days. 3. Before making the payment, please make sure your eBay and PayPal addresses are correct. 4. We will process the order within 48 hours after receiving the full payment. If you like our products or need a lot of products, You can contact the discount via eBay mail. Thank you! transport We will send the goods to your eBay or PayPal address. Before making the payment, please make sure your eBay and PayPal addresses are correctDelivery situation:1. If the store has stock, it will arrange shipping and transportation after you place an order and pay. Generally, it takes 7 working days to generate a tracking number for shipping and transportation.2. If there is no stock, or you choose to customize; the general customization time is 3-4 weeks, and shipping and transportation are 1 week.Before placing an order, you can contact us at any time to inquire about the stock situation and customize the exclusive design plan return 1. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us within 7 working days after receiving the package. Display clear pictures or videos as needed. Once we have determined the quality of the product (no-man damage and other factors), we will replace you with a new product. 2. Please note that when returning the goods, you must return the original packaging. 3. The buyer is responsible for paying the return freight in advance. *Due to poor installation or the customer cannot install the parts by themselves, no refund will be given. *As the product is a customized product, it does not support a return policy for non-quality issues. *Special products do not support the return policy. Feedback Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. After receiving your payment, we will automatically provide you with positive feedback within 24 hours. All questions will be answered within 24 hours. There may be some delays on weekends and holidays. Please contact us to resolve any issues before leaving neutral or negative feedback. We will try our best to satisfy each customer. If you have any questions, please contact us through eBay and we will help you as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your cooperation! best wishes! Note section:1. This kind of product is a customized product, purely handmade product. In the production, we can only produce the shape and shape picture provided by the buyer, so we can only be close to the same, and it is not guaranteed to be exactly the same. .2. The colors of the stitches and the return mark can only be similar. The pictures cannot guarantee that they will be exactly the same. We can only approach the leather, needlework, center mark and color. It must be the same. Under different shooting conditions, colors will show different shades of color due to different light conditions.3. The modified steering wheel is normally slightly thicker than the original one. If there is no clear requirement, it will be the standard of our production, and the specified precise thickness requirement is not accepted, but the bold requirement can be accepted, and it can only be close. Almost, zero error is not guaranteed.4. The above three points are just for better cooperation and communication between the two parties. Please read carefully before placing the order to avoid disputes in the future! Thanks for cooperation

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