Catalytic converter cleaner pass emissions Motor Power care high quality for Sale

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MotorPower Care Catalytic Converter & Oxygen Sensor Cleaner high quality product chemical made in Germany & certified by TUV for it's effectiveness: Catalytic converter cleaner is a specially developed high-performance cleaner to sustainable and effectively remove, soot and carbon deposits in the entire exhaust tract, especially in the area of the catalyst, the lambda sensor, the turbocharger and the EGR valve. With regular use, it provides protection against renewed contamination, increases fuel efficiency, optimizes the engine performance and ensures the proper functioning of the catalyst and the lambda sensor. Thus Catalyst cleaner supports compliance with the emission limits. ADVANTAGES - Removes existing deposits - Provides protection against heavy dirt with regular use - Provides the engine performance Restores - Ensuring the proper operation of the oxygen sensor / catalyst / the turbocharger and the EGR valve - Prevents or eliminates problems that appear on OBD Product properties: For use in all petrol and diesel engines and hybrid vehicles. Recommended use in vehicles that did not pass the emissions test on few points (part of the main investigation) due to excessive exhaust emissions. If the catalytic converter lazy or completely clogged ask us about (DPF catalytic cleaner). Area of application: Regularly every 3-4 months to admit the fuel tank. Observe mixing ratio! If the catalytic converter completely clogged we recommend the Foam Catalyst cleaner (8101) Application Consumption: 250 ml mix with 15 gallons fuel. Mixing Ratio: 1:300 Reaction time: Works while engine is running, drive the vehicle for 40 minutes after adding it to the fuel tank and after 15min try to accelerate gas all the way down while you are on open roads for few seconds to throughout the carbon repeat few times. we are successful 70% the rest 30% the catalyst needs replacement, we always recommend to inspect the catalytic converter by endoscope if possible, do not use the product if the catalyst cracked, melted or broken. instructions sheet will be attached to the product when you buy. For more technical support do not hesitate to contact us.

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