2J-Racing MB16 Long Runner Medusa Header for B16 2.5L Sentra 2007-2012 for Sale

Price: $375.99

2J-Racing MB16 Long Runner Medusa Header for B16 2.5L Nissan Sentra 2007-2012. Condition is New. The Medusa MB16 header fits all 2.5L B16 (2007-2012) Nissan Sentras. Through continuous testing 2JR has improved the already dominate Medusa header with performance upgrades. Port changes to Oval Head Port Matched Flanges for a perfect seal - Longer runners by 4" over the V1 Medusa produce a higher mid-high rpm HP performance. And stepped runner design from 1.7" to 1.9" from the Spyder header help improve scavenging and broaden the torque curve. The MB16 Medusa is UEL (unequal length) and provides a "boxer-like" rumble at idle and under throttle. Slim fans and ACB ARE NOT required for fitment. Simply install and enjoy the performance and rumble from your Lt Ed MB16 Medusa. Made from 304SS Stainless. Bolts directly to your factory midpipe or step up to the 2JR 70mm Stainless Midpipe for even more power and roar!

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