1 NEW 17X8.5 6X120 BLACK RHINO CHAMBER WHEEL 1785CBR006120M67 for Sale

Price: $232.0

1 NEW 17X8.5 6X120 BLACK RHINO CHAMBER WHEEL 1785CBR006120M67 Product Information Center CapCCBR46120MB ColorMATTE BLACK Load Rating2500 Max Load2500 Offset0 Style NameCHAMBER TPMS CompatibleYes TPMS SensorsSensors Not Included --> Size: --> {size} --> --> --> Load Rating/Speed Rating: --> {loadrating} --> --> Product Details --> Product Details Designed for truck and SUV enthusiasts, Black Rhino Wheels feature rugged styles inspired by one of the toughest beasts in the world: the black rhino. Perfect for lifted trucks and SUV applications, Black Rhino wheels are engineered to carry the heaviest of loads. All Black Rhino wheels are either hub-centric or supplied with centering rings, which ensures a smooth, vibration free ride. Whether you plan to stay on or go off-road, a set of Black Rhino wheels will give your vehicle horns. Black Rhino is a TSW Brand. *Please verify fitment prior to purchasing. To check fitment for your vehicle, please use eBay's Compatibility Tool. Vehicle information is vital for every purchase. Without vehicle information, buyer assumes any and all fitment responsibility.

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