1 Anti speed RedLight Toll camera stopper license plate cover that block picture for Sale

Price: $24.99

  • Notes : We do not Condone the use of our product to defeat toll booth cameras. All products sold as novelty items. Buyer assumes all responsibility for using this cover in compliance with local motor vehicle codes in the their area of vehicle use.
PhotoShield‚ĄĘcoverwas so effective it was featured in the hit show CSI Miami. Guaranteed to work on all red light and speed cameras anywhere in the world. Proven to work by several media outlets and police tests.How it Works

Photoshield incorporates a thin diffusional lens designed to make your license plate unreadable and distorted to traffic cameras when viewed at an angle.Unreadable tag = no ticket.However, when your license plate is viewed directly from behind, it is clear and legible.

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    Remove plate.Align screw holes


    Screw license plateback on to car with PhotoShield Cover on top.


    Notice how subtle the distortion is?See how the numbers contort? Almost all the numbers and letters are illegible at different angles.

  • Clear Transparent Cover
  • Inconspicuous to the Naked Eye
  • Effective
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Improved lens design works to absorb & diffuse incoming laser beams.

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