YAMAHA SHO FZR ECU TUNE - For performance efficiency - 98 RON JETSKI MAPPING for Sale

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Melbourne service and detailed tune information: 0417 550 418

Sydney service call Kyp on: 0419 999 822

This custom ECU tune package is designed for the YAMAHA models:

1.8 LTR SHO NA motors


This ECU tuning service is provided only for:

-Completely stock jetski (stage 1)

-Jetskis with minor modifications to performance - Like exhausts and intakes, supercharger wheels.

-Major modifications. This will require discussion before purchase.

We generally recommend one of the following settings:

GP1. 8450 rev limiter. Power output after tune: 240-250hp. This is suitable for completely stock skis.

GP2. 8500 rev limiter. Expect around 260 hp. This is suitable for exhaust/intake modified skis.

GP3. 8600 rev limiter. Power output after tune: ~300hp. This mapping allows for boost pressures of up to 17psi. It is suitable for after market intercooler/exhaust/supercharger upgrades.

GP4. Unlimited specification. No boost limit. You tell us your mods, we'll check what maps we have. We can also work with your AFR logging to customize your mapping. Please inquire about this before purchase.

To give you the best performance and final outcome, please disclose to me by message what Yamaha you have and what modifications you have.

I have access to over 10,000 base maps and these are then also altered to suit your requirements.

We have found that with the FZR, fuel consumption drops by about 30% after re-mapping for 98 ron as compared to stock 91 ron. So even if the fuel is 10% dearer, your net consumption financially is less by about 20% on cruise and about 10-15% overall.

The SHO drops fuel consumption by about 10-15% leaving nearly no change from running 98 ron as compared to 91 ron. But you now have increased power aswell. :)

Customer comments (not for the professional service, I really appreciate you going out of your way"

How this works:

-Purchase on .

-I either come to you (In Melbourne, Gippsland and Mackay) or you send me your ECU via insured express post. There will up to 3 days handling time before your ECU is then sent back with your requested re-map. (Usually 1 day)

-If you have 3 or more vehicles (Or jetskis) that I can tune, I can come to your location, anywhere in Australia - Free of charge to complete the service. Discounts may apply for greater numbers.

-If you purchase a tune, the tune can be altered (Or removed) at a later date, usually at travel cost or approx. 1/10th of the value of the original tune. (This is location dependent in costs)

General info with tuning ECU's:

There is no guarantee that your ECU can be tuned as sometimes there is hardware/software variations in the vehicle (or the ecu has been locked by previous tuners) that I may need to cater for that we do not have definitions for. In a case I cannot fulfill a tune, I will completely refund your money. I will only reflash from existing ECU files, I will not write over non-OEM data as there is some risk involved in that process. Please ensure your ECU has not been locked by previous tuners.



(Would you like to become a dealer? Please message me for details)


Please select local pick up as your postage charge if you are within 50km of Dandenong.

If you are outside of 50km, there is a $1 charge per KM outside this service zone. I sometimes can provide a free service in Gippsland. (Please message me for my schedule in Gippsland) Please select 'Express service' as your postage cost if outside the 50km zone.


I occasionally fly out to Mackay on duties and can perform tunes in Mackay for no extra cost.

Anywhere else in Australia:

Please select 'Courier' service as your postage choice. Your ECU will then need to be removed by you, sent to my address by express/insured post and it will be re-programmed and returned to you within 3 business days.

Anywhere else in the World:

We have a dealer network who can help you worldwide and elsewhere in Australia! If you want to shop local, please let us know your location and we will point to your nearest dealer. If on the otherhand you want to deal with us direct, that is fine aswell!

If you wish to become a dealer anywhere in the world, please contact me to discuss.

General tuning information:

The tuning chip in the context of tuning is a modification of engine control software located in the central control unit (ECU, i.e. the computer,) of the engine. In the terminology of electronics a "chip" means an integrated circuit. Modification of the contents of the external program memory is the most frequent operation in engine controlling computers. The memory is usually located in an integrated circuit called Eprom or Flash memory. The contents of the microcontroller memory is sometimes modified too. In general, the philosophy behind the modification is not important for the results achieved – the most important is the careful development of the program, as well as its versatile modifications, rather than the method of feeding it into the ECU.With respect to the results of the tuning, chips could be classified into two basic categories:
-tuning chips for cars with turbochargers or other type of forced induction,
-tuning chips for normally aspirated cars, i.e. without any forced induction.Usually, a normally aspirated (N/A) car usually sees gains of approx. 8% of their power and 8-10% of the torque. It is done by a modification of some fundamental parameters: fuel pressure, timing of the fuel tip-in, ignition advance angle and the calibration map of the lambda probe. Some automobiles may be improved significantly, whereas the modification of others is not possible at all. From the user's point of view it is sensible to combine mechanical and electronic modifications. If the modifications are well matched (e.g. a sports camshaft, exhaust and a suitable tuning chip) the power gain can exceed 15% of the power and torque. Fuel consumption does not change or it decreases a little (as a result of the fact that a part of the power increase comes from the ignition advance, so it does not require more fuel).

Usually you see minor fuel economy gains of approx. 5%-10% on normally aspirated vehicles.

Cars equipped with a turbocharger (both diesel and petrol) usually see gains of approx. 20% to 30% for a stage 1 reflash. In this case, apart from the parameters mentioned above, pressure characteristics of the turbine is modified (of course in turbo diesels the fuel injection angle is adjusted – not the ignition anticipation angle). The fuel consumption decreases by approx. 5% for turbodiesels and decreases by approx. 10% for turbo petrol engines.

We give a 2-year warranty for the software.

Liability is limited to the ECU software and ECU hardware, no other liability will be accepted.

All software reflashes are refundable on the day the tune is conducted if they do not meet your expectations.

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