Volvo 740 B234F SVO XR4TI 2.3 Turbo DOHC Dual Over Head Cam Head 2.3L Ranger for Sale

Price: $545

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Volvo 740 B234F VolvoHeadComplete/perfect valves (no bentvalves) including: valve cover, oil cap, full valvetrain, cam sprockets)

DIRECT ALL QUESTIONS To :alltiming at hotmail dot com

If you want more pictures just email me direct and I can send you pictures.

Picture is the actual head you will get.Get your Volvo running asap! If your volvo just broke a timing belt, this is the head you need.

If you want to upgrade your SOHC Volvo over to a DOHC Volvo then this is a perfect head ready for you!!!

  • Email me Directfor pictures and specifics/price on this head.
  • No Core charge or Core required!
  • Great for your Folvo (would need modificiation) or Volvo in need of a head.
  • This head is great for anyone who wants to build a Turbo 2.3 Ford or just a Volvo.
  • These heads are getting very hard to source!
  • If you want to buy just individual parts (intake manifold, header, cams, good valves, just email me)

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Volvo distributors ($30)

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