The Shocker Warning Sticker Funny OEM Decal 4.25" x 2.75" Hayabusa GSXR for Sale

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Decals are printed on 5 mil, calandered, glossy white PVC vinyl then coating with a Glossy Clear Lamination.

To ensure utmost quality and durability, unlike other sellers on , we coverour decals with an clear overlaminant film. This prevents any damage (such as scratching, color fading, and tearing), protects the print and extends the life expectancy. To achieve the longest possible durability, a lamination layer must be applied. Most competitors avoid this extra step to keep costs low and increase their profits. Our commitment to our customers is to provide the highest quality product, at the best cost possible. We guarantee you won't find a better quality!


These stickers are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. They can be easily applied to virtually any clean and smooth surface including vehicle body and window, boats, kayaks,snowmobiles, jet ski's, bikes, motorcycles, ATV's, snowboards, skateboards, surfboards, drums, guitars, computer and laptop cases, game consoles, helmets, hard hats, trailers, toolboxes, walls, mirrors, glass and more!



Always start with a very clean surface so dust and dirt doesn't get trapped behind the decal. Wet the surface you are applying to with soapy water (1 drop of dish soap to an 8 oz. glass). Remove the backing and apply sticker to wet surface. Position and smooth out. Carefully use atowel to remove excess water and air dry. Decals applied using this method should be given a good 24 hours for any remaining liquid to dry.

DRY (This is our preferred and recommended method!):

Always start with a very clean surface so dust and dirt doesn't get trapped behind the decal. Remove the backing and hold sticker on left and right sides bending center towards theclean surface. Being careful that the sticker is horizontally level, apply center first and allow sticker to roll out left and right. Press down from the center to the edges to avoid trapping air. This will ensure a wrinkle and bubble free application.

Decals make great gifts for friends and family!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
If there is an issue with your order we ask that you FIRST contact us. We ensure that we will do everything we can to correct the problem. We stand by our quality and we are committed to customer satisfaction!

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