Pack of 6 Ignition Coils FOR BMW E39 E46 E53 E60 E63 B322 C1404 UF522 for Sale

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AA AUTO PART Pack OF 6 IGNITION COIL FOR BMW E39 E46 E53 E60 E63 B322 C1404 UF522 UF515

Item Description Warranty: 2 YEARS

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Terminal Connection: 3 Pins
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Part Number:

UF522, UF515, C1477, 52-1751, IC595, 5C1401

*Important* Please use the below information to determine if the part(s) in this listing fit your vehicle. Do not rely on the 'compatibility' feature.

➙2011 BMW 1 SERIES M L6-3.0L
➙2008-2013 BMW 128I L6-3.0L
➙2008-2010 BMW 135I L6-3.0L
➙2003-2005 BMW 320I L6-2.2L
➙2006-2011 BMW 323I L6-2.5L
➙2001-2006 BMW 325CI L6-2.5L
➙2003-2006 BMW 325I L6-2.5L
➙2003-2005 BMW 325XI L6-2.5L
➙2006 BMW 325XI L6-3.0L
➙2007-2013 BMW 328I L6-3.0L
➙2009-2013 BMW 328I XDRIVE 13-09 L6-3.0L
➙2007-2008 BMW 328XI L6-3.0L
➙2003-2006 BMW 330CI L6-3.0L
➙2003-2006 BMW 330I L6-3.0L
➙2003-2006 BMW 330XI L6-3.0L
➙2007-2012 BMW 335I L6-3.0L
➙2009-2010 BMW 335I XDRIVE L6-3.0L
➙2011-2012 BMW 335IS L6-3.0L
➙2007-2008 BMW 335XI L6-3.0L
➙2003-2005 BMW 525I L6-2.5L
➙2006-2007 BMW 525I L6-3.0L
➙2006-2007 BMW 525XI L6-3.0L
➙2008-2011 BMW 528I L6-3.0L
➙2009-2010 BMW 528I XDRIVE 10-09 L6-3.0L
➙2008 BMW 528XI L6-3.0L
➙2003-2007 BMW 530I L6-3.0L
➙2006-2007 BMW 530XI L6-3.0L
➙2008-2010 BMW 535I L6-3.0L
➙2010 BMW 535I GT L6-3.0L
➙2009-2010 BMW 535I XDRIVE L6-3.0L
➙2008 BMW 535XI L6-3.0L
➙2004-2005 BMW 545I V8-4.4L
➙2011-2016 BMW 550I V8-4.4L
➙206-2010 BMW 550I V8-4.8L
➙2010-2015 BMW 550I GT V8-4.4L
➙2010-2016 BMW 550I GT XDRIVE V8-4.4L
➙2011-2016 BMW 550I XDRIVE V8-4.4L
➙2004-2005 BMW 645CI V8-4.4L
➙2012-2017 BMW 650I V8-4.4L
➙2006-2010 BMW 650I V8-4.8L
➙2013-2017 BMW 650I GRAN COUPE V8-4.4L
➙2012-2017 BMW 650I XDRIVE V8-4.4L
➙2013-2017 BMW 650I XDRIVE GRAN COUPE V8-4.4L
➙2011-2013 BMW 740I L6-3.0L
➙2011-2013 BMW 740LI L6-3.0L
➙2013 BMW 740LI XDRIVE L6-3.0L
➙2002-2005 BMW 745I V8-4.4L
➙2002-2005 BMW 745LI V8-4.4L
➙2009-2016 BMW 750I V8-4.4L
➙2006-2008 BMW 750I V8-4.8L
➙2010-2016 BMW 750I XDRIVE V8-4.4L
➙2009-2015 BMW 750LI V8-4.4L
➙2066-2008 BMW 750LI V8-4.8L
➙2010-2015 BMW 750LI XDRIVE V8-4.4L
➙2001-2006 BMW 760I V12-6.0L
➙2003-2008 BMW 760LI V12-6.0L
➙2010-2015 BMW 760LI V12-6.0L
➙2007-2008 BMW ALPINA B7 V8-4.4L
➙2011-2015 BMW ALPINA B7 XDRIVE V8-4.4L
➙2011-2015 BMW ALPINA B7L V8-4.4L
➙2011-2015 BMW ALPINA B7L XDRIVE V8-4.4L
➙2006 BMW M3 L6-3.2L
➙2012-2016 BMW M5 V8-4.4L
➙2012-2017 BMW M6 V8-4.4L
➙2014-2017 BMW M6 GRAN COUPE 17-14 V8-4.4L
➙2004-2006 BMW X3 L6-2.5L
➙2004-2012 BMW X3 L6-3.0L
➙2004-2010 BMW X5 L6-3.0L
➙2004-2006 BMW X5 V8-4.4L
➙2010-2017 BMW X5 V8-4.4L
➙2004-2010 BMW X5 V8-4.8L
➙2008-2011 BMW X6 L6-3.0L
➙2008-2017 BMW X6 V8-4.4L
➙2001-2002 BMW Z3 L6-3.2L
➙2016 BMW Z4 L4-2.0L
➙2003-2005 BMW Z4 L6-2.5L
➙2003-2016 BMW Z4 L6-3.0L
➙2006-2008 BMW Z4 L6-3.2L
➙2010-2013 ROLLS-ROYCE GHOST V12-6.6L
➙2004-2013 ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM V12-6.7L

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