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OBD 2(II) S-200 Type HUD KM/H and MILE(MPH) Switch/Speed/battery voltage/water temp gauge OBD II HEAD UP DISPLAY


Welcome to be our agency on your country.

1)Hamel-Marketing is Overseas & Taiwan Sole Distributor,so if you buy S-200 from China or Hong kong store,we can't guarantee you about their quality.

2)We sold s-200 for China and Hong Kong dealers who be restricted to export to overseas because OBD II agreement & material quality are different from Taiwan.

3)Not be compatible with HYBIRD vehicles.About Diesel oil,please contact with us before you offer!

4)Not all types of vehicles can be compatible , be sure before you buy carefully read our description of list.

5)The contents of this list have registered the copyright, please do not direct capture or copy.



Other choices:

You can find out someHUDserieson our ...

S-300: KM/H ONLY but display number is big and clearly.



Universal HUD: HUD:GS-800&GS-820

4)The contents of this list have registered the copyright, please do not direct capture or copy.

===Intellectual property rights===

Welcome to be our agency on your country.

1)Hamel-Marketing is Overseas & Taiwan Sole Distributor of TSA brand,so if you buy S200 or S300series from China or Hong kong store,we can't guarantee you about their quality.2)We sold S300 and S200 series for China and Hong Kong dealers who be restricted to export to overseas because OBD II agreement & material quality are different from Taiwan.

3)Not all types of vehicles can be compatible , be sure before you buy carefully read our description of list.

4)The contents of this list have registered the copyright, please do not direct capture or copy.


HUD is the abbreviation of Head Up Display, which means the display that you can see when you look up or look ahead.A driver may look down to watch the display of instruments when driving at a high speed, especially during the night, which may result in accident if there is an emergency ahead due to the failure to take effective action in time. To avoid the occurrence of such accident, the HUD system is installed in some luxurious cars to display the related information on the front windshield within the direct vision of the driver, with display location and display brightness adjustable so that the driver doesn’t have to look down to watch the instruments, thus the visual dead zone that the eyeballs have in front is reduced, and it has a great significance to reduce the traffic accidents caused by the distract of looking down.This is a versatile and low-priced HUD product based on the OBD-II, which enjoys the advantages of stable functions, beautiful and elegant appearance, and easier and safer installation that could be finished and

tested in 3min.

●We support as below parameters& agreement---Please check your car's user manual in advance or ask perfessional dealer near you before you offer it.

1.ISO 9141-2(5 baud init,10.4Kbaud)
2.ISO 14230-4 KWP(5 baud init,10.4Kbaud)
3.ISO 14230-4 KWP(fast init,10.4Kbaud)
4.ISO 15765-4 CAN(11bit ID,500Kbaud)
5.ISO 15765-4 CAN(29bit ID,500Kbaud)
6.ISO 15765-4 CAN(11bit ID,250Kbaud)
7.ISO 15765-4 CAN(11bit ID,250Kbaud)

Notice:You can ask us to eamil our user manual to you in advance or ask us our suggestion.

  • Connects via OBD Plug(stocket) and Play Formost of2005 and up Vehicles. Or your cars have OBDII stocketand follow OBDII paramaters as above.
  • we can't fit all the models in the compatibility list. However
  • Plug and Play For"most" OBDII system from 1996,almost most of cars need have it. You can check your original car's user manual and comfirm it(OBDII) or not?
    Or you can ask your familiar depot or specialized person .
  • No Professional Installation Required HUD System
  • Rpm warning function which can be set up by user (shift light)
  • Driver can now see speed directly on the windshields, allows a driver to keep their head up (observing the road) and still see important vehicle information such as the car's Speed (km), Rpm, Water temp, Battery Volt on to your windshields
  • Water temp , volt warning function which can be set up by user ( water temp gauge & volt gauge)
  • Head Light switch on warning function ( when dark)
  • Project Speed (km), Rpm, Water temp, Battery Volt on to your windshields
  • Speed warning function which can be set up by user Speed Range 0 - 255 km
  • Rpm Range 800~ 5000
  • Water Temp warning:more than 110 Celsius
  • Volt range warning:less than 11 VRpm warning function which can be set up by user (shift light)

●Test procedure of S-200 :S.O.P:Turn off HUD power and switch to (off).

1. Do cars be applicable to the detection of S-200:

1.1.First turn off the car power→plug OBD2 →Connect the cable to the S-200 host →switch to (ON)→turn on the car power.

1.2.Not bright→It can’t be installed on your car.(Refer as below other infromations)

1.3.Bright→and have power→but no gate like to display the RPM →it can’t be installed on your car.

1.4.Bright→and have power→show gate and like display to launch the RPM→show voltage →normal and ok for your car.

2.Check that an automatic shutdown?

(Automatic power-off, automatic activation of HUD main upon ignition; and automatic power-off of HUD main upon shut-down of the vehicle)

2.1.Cut off car power→automatic power-off of HUD→normal

2.2.Cut off car power→no automatic power-off of HUD→go into Parameter 1→and adjust 1 to 2→automatic power-off of HUD→normal and ok

(90% cars can be match with this item if setting 1 can’t be power-off automatically)

2.3.Above steps still can’t shut down, please contact us.

3.ther Problems and issues on the S-200:
●Because some top cars (BMW or Lexus…)have electronic equipments such as keyless which likely to interfere with the S-300 and you maybe encounter situations such as :
→Keyless device may cause the machine not to respond, and it maybe have opportunities for bright but turn off the machine and it still will be bright →(M3 car type)→returning policy.
●TDCI diesel cars: The voltage value will bounce , some cars can’t be match with our OBD HUD. [Because diesel output agreement is different from OBD II public agreement]
●Currently testing cars - the majority have their own external function devices such as touch the door or others or keyless, there will be conflict with our OBD II HUD.
●The HUD is kept standby when the engine is turned off, and there is still a little bit consumption of current (the common character of all OBD products); turn off the HUD main if your car is not to be used for a longer period (e.g. a week or longer).

4.We test it in Taiwan:

1-1 Mazada :all type(Up 2002 and 2002)

1-2 FORD :all type (Up 2002 and 2002)

1-3 HONDA :all type (Up 2002 and 2002)

1-4 Mitsubishi: all type (Up 2002 and 2002)

1-5 Volks Wagen: all type (Up 2002 and 2002)

1-6 BMW BENZ PEUGEOT :all type (Up 2002 and 2002)

1-7 VOLVO OPEL Audi: all type (Up 2004 and 2002)

1-8 NISSAN all type: (Up 2006 and 2006)

1-9 HYUNDAI KIA all type :(Up 2006 and 2006)

1-10 TOYOTA all type: (Up 2008 and 2008),but you can still test it or your car is follow America system

1-11 SAAB all type :(Up 2002 )

1-12 Renault all type: (Up 2002 )

1-13 Skoda :( Up 2006)

1-14 保騰蓮花(SAVVY):( up 2005 )


■ If your car is 【Made In JAPAN or follow Japan system】, some “down 2008 “type which not follow OBD II public agreement, and they follow J-OBD II by themselves.

■ Most of up 1997 and 1997 cars are 【Made In America or follow America system】which almost follow OBD II agreement and be applicable to our product.


. This product is HUD with OBD II interface, with features of simple installation, "plug and play", and no damage to original circuit.

. Suitable for vehicles of any model with metric and British units switched freely.

. The vehicle speed and rotate speed can be displayed in one screen with convenience and direct viewing features

. All-digital display, with convenience and direct viewing features.

. Polarizer design to reduce interference of driver's sightline (optional)

. Scroll button contributes to easy operation for users (one finger can complete all settings)

. Intelligent warning: sound warning and lighting warning are for user's free choice

. Alert function of changing gear: appropriate for new drivers (Suitable for vehicle models of manual transmission as well as Automated Mechanical Transmission)

. Displaying brightness can be adjusted automatically according to ambient brightness

. The opening angle of throttle can be seen at any time with throttle angle displayed

. The battery voltage will be automatically displayed after the start of vehicle.

. Auto power on & off function: the master module of HUD will start to run automatically when starting engine, and as the vehicle shut down, it will shut off automatically.

.Flexible flat Cable(Cab6.0) adopted makes wiring more beautiful

Detail drawing


A. Digital display area B. Display area for engine speed C. Battery voltage warning light

D. Indicator light of engine temperature E. Unit symbol F. Indicator light of set state

Km/h: Metric unit of speed MPH: British unit of speed ℃: Metric unit of temperature

℉:British unit of temperature V: Voltage ∠:angular unit of Throttle

Button and interface functions

A Power switch

B Automatic light sensitive outlet

C Data line of linking interface

D Scrolling button

① Scroll up: switching multi-functions to display

②Scroll down: warning for exceeding the set speed : Kilometers: 60 80 100 120

(for choice, every time the button is scrolled up, the screen will display the current set speed )

③With middle button slightly pushed, the metric/British unit will be switched.

◎ Setting mode introduction

At the state of turning off the HUD power switch, press the scrolling button downwards, turn on the power switch and enter the setting mode. In setting mode, press the scrolling button downwards to decrease the value, and upwards to increase. The button right in the middle is for Enter, Save and Exit.

A1. Options of auto power on & off (1-3): 1 is suitable for 95% vehicles; when the function of auto power on & off fails in the condition of 1, please set to 2 or 3 as a substitute.

B2. Correction factor of vehicle speed (80-120): the preset value is 108. Please adjust it according to the actual condition.

C3. The set value of over speed warning(1-255):it can be set freely

D4. The opening time of buzzer (0-30s): 0 means turning off the buzzer

E5. The rotate speed warning value of alerting the change of gear (800-5000RPM), If such function needs stopping, please adjust the value to 5000[The function matches to the fixed value of 60KM/H(35M.P.H). When settings are finished into the parameter list, the data can be saved if the power switch shuts off]

◎Warning function

4.1 Over speed warning

At the time of over speed, the buzzer will produce the continuous warning sound "beep, beep, beep" and start the warning light (KM/H, alternative red and green lighting). The buzzer will shut down after 5 seconds (preset value) with the warning light on.

4.2 Alert of changing gear

The warning alert of buzzer will start and produce warning sound "beep, beep", if the rotate speed is over 2300 rpm (preset value). When the vehicle speed is over 60KM/H (30 M.P.H),there will be no alert for changing gear.

4.3. Water temperature warning

The indicator light will be on when the water temperature is over 110℃

4.4 Warning of battery voltage

If the battery voltage is less than 11v, the indicator light will be on.


5.1. The displaying information for this product is for reference only.

5.2. The button can be operated only in the case that the vehicle stops.

5.3. The module is guaranteed for a year. Please use it correctly. Damages due to natural disasters or the artificial factor will not be under warranty.

5.4. The module panel can’t be cleaned with chemicals to avoid damages.

5.5. Accessories of shell, data line, reflector film and so on are not guaranteed.

◎Product dimension and Electrical code


Width: 50MM


Working voltage: OBDⅡ 12V

Maximum working current: 140MA

Working current:60MA

Working Standby working current:﹤3MA


7.1. HUD module *1

7.2. Reflector film *1

7.3. OBD II connection line *1

7.4. Operation manual *1(Chinese&English)

7.5. Magic tape*1


  • Head Up Display Module x 1
  • Reflective sticker film x1
  • OBD II Connecting Line cable x 1
  • User Manual x1
  • Velcro x1
  • L80mm*W 50mm* H14mm



  • Free Economy interational pracel Shipping way and provided for the following countries : (for other country / area, please kindly contact us for shipping freight quote prior to your offerding.)
  • U.S.A., Canada, U.K. , Ireland, Spain, Poland, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Europe , Australia, New Zealand, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Yemen. If you want to use EMS,please contact with us before you offer and EMSdoesn't have a delivery service to Maldives and Croatia. For Maldives and Croatia customers, please supply complete shipping address for quote the shipping, thanks.

    • Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to offerding / buying.
    • All goods will be shipped out from Taiwan with good carton and proper packaging condition.
    • Will ship goods by AIR pracelEconomy shipping way, taking about 8~22 or more delivery days to worldwide.
    • Will advise tracking number for your reference once shipment is made.



    We only accept payment from PayPal in advance.

    • For expedited shipping please use PayPal as your method of payment.
    • E-check payment may delay the processing time because we will only send out the goods until it is cleared by PayPal (approximately it would take 3 business days ).
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    • If you do not have PayPal account, please do not hesitate to contact us for more payment information.



    • The Item is brand new in original packaging and comes with 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Please note that the item does not have international warranty, only Taiwan warranty.
    • How to do the warranty : The warranty will be covered by natural faulty not including man-made damaged. If you receive a defective item or any item needs to be repaired under the warranty period, buyers have to report to us within 3 days and take a picture to show us the damage part and outside of package after received the item. We will try to help you solve the problem by e-mail. If still have problem, please kindly send back the defective item for our repair by freight prepaid. Returning postage is buyer's responsibility. If it is our quality's problem, we will repair it and send the repaired item to you for free of charge. If the damage is made by wrong operation, we will ask for maintenance cost.


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