Nitrous Oxide Fake Purge System Fake nos kit n2o new Co2 purge Twin Outlets for Sale

Price: $179.00

This auction is for one new DynoTune
Fake Nitrous Purge System. over 350 kits sold!

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Checkout the video of the fake purge kit:
To see the Fake Purge in Action click here
This kit comes complete with everything you need to install a CO2 Purge kit into your car without having to inject anything into your engine! Its a simple installation, comes with the 1.25LB Bottle and Bracket that can mount anywhere, High Flow solenoid, switches, wire, fuse and enough purge tubing (10') to make the plume of CO2 purge out of any location. Were not done! It comes with our custom CO2 adaptor so you can have the bottle filled at any paintball store to save tons of cash. Looks just like nitrous purging out in a great white plume at a 1/4 of the cost, its your choice! Comes with twin outlets so you can purge out of 2 locations.

The Kit contains the following:

  • 1.25LB Gloss black Bottle with high flow valve 11.5" tall 3.25" wide

  • Stainless bottle bracket with mounting hardware

  • 4AN Blue swivel fitting

  • High Flow 175HP DynoTune solenoid

  • 10feet of purge tubing

  • Twin outlets to purge out of 2 locations

  • Wire, switches, electrical connectors etc

  • Complete instructions

  • Custom CO2 fill adaptor so you can use paintball CO2, get the bottle filled at paintball shops, dick sporting goods, welding shops, gas supply shops, aquarium shops, brew supply shops etc..

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