Nitrous Express NITROUS SYSTEM FOR SLINGSHOT W/10LB BOTTLE 60922-10P for Sale

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Nitrous Express NITROUS SYSTEM FOR SLINGSHOT W/10LB BOTTLE 60922-10P IMPORTANT : Limit 5 per customer! Orders that exceed listed availability will automatically be voided without notice.

    The NX Slingshot, Fly By Wire, nitrous system is the top of the line EFI power booster on the market. From the billet aluminum and carbon fiber solenoids, to our patented Shark nozzle, this system screams nothing but quality. This system includes a TPS activated WOT module (for use with fly by wire throttle bodys), a single Shark nozzle, nozzle mounting bung, Lightning series solenoids, 24in 3AN stainless braided solenoid to nozzle lines, 4-Foot 4AN stainless braided nitrous feed line, 18in 4AN fuel feed line, direct plug in fuel rail adapter, nickel plated fittings, master arming switch, 40 Amp relay and relay harness, stainless bottle brackets and a 10lb nitrous bottle with the Lightning bottle valve. This system includes jetting for 15, 25, and 35HP. The system can be easily upgraded later to support up to 250HP. This system includes the latest technology and the best components available. NX Lightning solenoids feature an improved flow path that eliminates sharp turns and expansion areas in the nitrous flow path. This keeps the nitrous in dense liquid form which makes more power on less nitrous. Lightning nitrous solenoids feature an integrated purge port which allows you to connect a purge valve directly to the body of the nitrous solenoid for clean looks and less plumbing. Lightning Series solenoids feature CNC aluminum bodies topped with Carbon Fiber cans for the ultimate in weight savings. The billet aluminum Lightning bottle valve not only looks great; It is packed with features including an integrated gauge port, an integrated push port, a large .500 orifice and an improved flow path with only one 45 degree turn. The Lightning bottle valve looks sexy, flows great and weighs nearly one full pound less than our old style NX valve.

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