Lot of 4 Saab*5236294 9-3 9-5 93 95 900 9000 Wheel Center Caps Hubcaps65mm for Sale

Price: $8

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  1. 【Material】 high-quality aluminum + high temperature paint + amber process crystal + smooth oil + 3M adhesive
  2. (Not afraid of water, do not fade, not dust, strong gloss, durable)
  3. 【Size】 65mm
  4. A set of 4 packs according to your needs to choose the number
  5. Installation method: wipe clean need to paste the site (no oil, no wax, dust)
  6. This product is covered with a protective film on the surface, with a 3M on the back, before use, please tear off the logo behind the gum
  7. Protect the paper, paste it directly.
  8. Purchase Notes: wheel label to size and shape selection, size and shape appropriate to use better. Please confirm the size and shape before buying. Not suitable for please do not buy.

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