Dodge Challenger 2008 - 2018 Rear Adjustable Thrust/Tension Arms Kit SRT8 for Sale

Price: $200

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Up for sale, is a pair of adjustable rear thrust/tension kit for the Dodge Challenger models from 2008 to 2018 including SRT8. Please see drop down for comparability. Also, you can ask me if you have a question.PLEASE NOTE: THIS ISNOTTHE CAMBER ARMS.

These kitsare great to combine with the camber kit for correcting negative camber - when the top of the wheel is tipped in towards the body. Camber is the tilt of the wheel along its vertical axis. Runningwider tires orcar with lowering springs can cause this issue where your tiresare wearing out on the inside. They are also great for older cars where the suspensiontends tosaghence the wheel looks "spray out".

To some degree, this is a good thing as it allows more of the tire tread to stay in contact with the ground during hard cornering. But ifyou have too much negative camber, which degrades cornering performance as well as hinders grip during hard acceleration.

The camber kitcan straighten the wheels by dialing out the negative camber, something you can't do with the stock suspension. They are also great forrace dayswherechangingfrom street tires to drag or race tires where the camber need to be adjusted on the spot. You can manual dial thewheel in by adjusting the rod in or out.

Like wise, if you want more negative camber, this kit can put the wheel further in, allowing more camber for those of you who would like to have the "tuck-in" and slammed look:)

The arms come with Please let me know which color do you want when ordering. The default color would beblack.

Please leave me a note when you bought the item and let me know what model do you have. Thank you.

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