Borla 140449 Cat-Back Exhaust System Fits 2011-2017 Dodge Durango 5.7L for Sale

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S-Type™ Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System with Split Rear Exit (140449) by Borla®. Exhaust System Type: Cat-Back. Exhaust Tubing Material: Stainless Steel. Main Tubing Diameter: 2.5". Exhaust System Sound: Aggressive / Loud. When you want the best performing, best sounding, and highest quality exhaust system, you want Borla Exhaust. Borla straight-through mufflers and mandrel-bent exhaust tubes are custom tuned to deliver the most horsepower possible, with a throaty, aggressive sound during acceleration and a definite performance tone at cruise. And the quality, aircraft-grade, austenitic stainless steel construction allows Borla to back every Cat-Back system with an unequaled million-mile warranty.Borla - FAQBorla - Video GalleryBorla AboutSpecifications:Exhaust System Type: Cat-BackExhaust Tubing Material: Stainless SteelExit Location: Split RearMain Tubing Diameter: 2.5"Exhaust System Sound: Aggressive / LoudTip Quantity: 2Tip Material: Stainless SteelTip Outlet Diameter: 4"Tip Length: 6"Tip Shape: RoundTip Style: Rolled LinedTip Cut Type: Angle-CutFeatures:
Aggressive Plus Sound Increased exhaust flow for better performance Horsepower and torque increased by 7 – 10% Better fuel economy at cruising speeds Definite performance tone at cruise with a throaty, aggressive sound during acceleration Custom designed for each application Patented straight-through muffler design reduces backpressure while absorbing sound waves Mandrel-bent stainless steel tubes with diameters optimized for reduced restriction while maintaining exhaust gas speed Made from the finest austenitic stainless steel for long-lasting durability All welded construction Backed by the exclusive Borla Million-Mile warranty Proudly made in the USA
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Replacing your factory exhaust system with an aftermarket performance system is a significant investment in money and time. Of course, you can always try saving money and going with a cheaper system, but you may only get an irritating exhaust tone without any real gains in power. The only silver lining with such a system is that it probably won't last, so at least you won't have to put up with it for long. Instead of going that route, just install a premium Borla Cat-Back exhaust system. You'll get the power and sound you want, with quality materials and construction that will make it the last exhaust system you'll ever need to buy for your car.
Borla custom designs each exhaust system for the specific application, to make the most horsepower and torque with the best sound quality. The patented straight through muffler design reduces restriction and increases exhaust gas velocity, making sure each cylinder is completely evacuated to make room for the incoming charge. This design absorbs the sound waves without disturbing the power waves, in contrast to the chambered mufflers used by most aftermarket companies. Chambered mufflers use partitions or baffles to subdue sound waves, which also creates backpressure and reduces power. The S-Type series muffler is smaller in diameter than the Touring series, with less space between the core and muffler wall, so it contains less sound absorbing composite filament.
The shape and diameter of the exhaust tubing is optimized for volume and exhaust gas velocity. Borla mandrel bends the stainless steel tubing for smooth bends and to make sure the pipe maintains its size and shape throughout the entire length. Tubes that aren't mandrel bent can lose a percentage of their diameter in sharp bends. This system features an "X" pipe, where the pipes behind the catalytic converter include a crossover junction. This junction reduces excessive backpressure created by close firing cylinders on one bank, allowing it to escape to the other side of the system, thereby improving low and mid-range torque.
But improved performance is only part of what you want in an aftermarket exhaust system, because all the horsepower in the world won't matter if it doesn't sound right. There's no need to worry with a Borla System. They have many years of automotive acoustical experience and the company is staffed with automotive enthusiasts just like you that listen and drive cars to make sure your system has the right sound to go with the power. The S-Type system is somewhat louder than the Touring system with a throaty, aggressive note during acceleration.This Borla exhaust is made for those who want their vehicle to have the real sound of performance, but without an annoying drone or resonance through the cabin.
Finally, the best power and sound is meaningless if the exhaust system rots away in a few years. Borla uses the finest materials and construction techniques to make sure this won't happen. Each Borla exhaust is manufactured using austenitic stainless steel, which contains high levels of nickel and chromium, that helps exhaust systems to resist corrosion. Nevertheless, the increased hardness requires special equipment to form and bend. The muffler contains a stainless steel perforated tube wrapped with several layers of stainless steel sound absorbing material and a layer of ceramic sound absorbing, high temperature material, all contained in a fully welded stainless steel shell.
The Borla S-Type Series Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System comes complete with everything required for installation, including detailed instructions. Borla is so confident in the quality of this system that it's guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for one million miles.
Borla® is the leading manufacturer of stainless steel performance exhaust products. The company began three decades ago making exhaust systems for concours classic Rolls Royce and Ferrari models, and gradually evolved to become the premier manufacturer of performance exhaust products for street, off-road and racing. Borla pioneered many improvements in the design of performance exhaust systems, holds several patents for innovative exhaust system technology, and has won numerous "Best New Product" awards. Today the company operates a state of the art research and development center in Oxnard, California, and makes all of its products at a world-class manufacturing facility in Johnson City, Tennessee.
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WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel (metallic) and chromium (hexavalent compounds), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. Durango2019 Dodge Durango
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