Black Dash Cover BMW 645Ci 650i M6 Carpet DashMat CoverCraft 1646-00-25 for Sale

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The Original DashMat® Custom Dashboard Covers

  • Soft Foss Fibre® carpet won't fray or unravel
  • Custom made to fit each dashboard
  • Hook & loop fasteners included for easy, secure installation
  • All vent and sensor openings pre-cut (or marked depending on options)
  • Cuts hazardous windshield glare
  • Dramatically reduces windshield haze caused by gasses emitted from the dashboard
  • Protects the dash from sun damages, helping to stop cracking and warping
  • Made of durable, color fast, non-shrinking needle punch carpet
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (covers fading)

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DashMat® - Features & Benefits

Each DashMat is custom made. We buy your specific car’s dashboard, our craftsmen make a custom pattern, and then we make samples until we get a perfect fit.
Join the 1,750,000+ people like you who choose to protect their vehicle’s dash from the damaging rays of the sun with a DashMat. Get your DashMat today!
We are proud that our products are designed in the USA.
Windshield haze is caused by gasses leaked from your vehicles dashboard. This is called Plasticizer Migration. A new DashMat helps eliminate these gasses from fogging-up your windshield.

The sun’s damaging rays can crack your dashboard. With the simple protection of a DashMat you can keep your interior looking better longer. It will also help keep the resell value of your vehicle higher. An ugly crack in your dash is easily avoided when you get a new DashMat. Protection couldn’t be easier.

Our craftsmen say DashMats are made of durable, color fast, non-shrinking needle-punch carpet. Simply put, we use high quality materials that have been proven to protect your dash from the damaging effect of the sun.
Example Photos (Not Vehicle - FAQ

Q: The DashMat covers the speakers on my dash. Will that distort the sound?
A: No. In fact, your speakers need more protection than your dash. The sun breaks down the speaker materials which will cause loss of sound quality. The DashMat material allows the sound to flow through without any distortion.

Q: How do I attach the DashMat to my dash?
A: We provide two 9” strips of hook and loop fastener tape. Cut it into 1” pieces and place them evenly on your dash.

Q: What if my hook and loop fastener tape doesn’t stick to my dash?
A: This is usually caused by use of Armor All® protectant. To get your tape to stick use a mild detergent or rubbing alcohol on a towel and wipe the dash clean. You may need to repeat in certain areas to get the tape to stick.

Q: Will the hook & loop attachments strips damage my dashboard?
A: No. If you want to remove the hook & loop attachment strips simply pull them off. If there is any sticky residue remaining use some rubbing alcohol on a cloth to remove the

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