68 69 70 71 72 chevy chevelle nova vette GM windshield dash data plate cowl tag for Sale

Price: $375

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i cant imagine why gm decided to put this important data plate cowl tag up in the windshield where it could rust to crumbles and become unreadable,but thats how it worked out. they could have zinc plated it or powder coated after typing,but gm just dusted a wisp of black paint over it.it started rusting immediately!!!! and many had the fasteners put in upside down...and it happened to every gm car in the fleet. so if you have a crumbly tag that can still be read,it can be restored to new. if the tag is completely dead,the number is stamped on the frame,block and cowl just above the heater.and a cops letter of verification and title will get the paperwork moving. offer starts at $375 postpaid for blank if privacy is an issue--and winner may opt to pay $25 per each letter/ number typed on the flat aluminumblank or forty bucks each on raised steel blank ...title required.. done with factory grade tooling. unlike other vendors who only peddle untyped blanks. we have many other gm tags running on .ASK IF YOU CANT FIND THEM... many references to assure quality work. over 30 years of service to industry. both styles of blanks are shown(for the dash/windshield mount) as different plants used either style. correct fasteners available to winner.make that fine antique restoration the best one out there starting with a nice windshield cowl tag. be sure to save this item to your WATCH LIST even if you dont need the service right now. thanks for your interest!!!!! billc27806

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